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  1. I killed a lot. Don't know if I killed them all. Beetles must have killed quite a few as well. What's certain is that I haven't seen any new gorillas at all. I guess they were all killed at some point.
  2. Noooooooooo! I thought the tree-nests were spawning them. Like the spider nest does with normal spiders.
  3. I had two crock pots close to each other. It was sometimes placing items in the other crockpot instead of the one I had opened. Also perhaps related:
  4. Previously I could enter doors that had items nearby on the ground by: having a full inventory holding an item with my mouse pressing spacebar near the door (If I wasn't holding an item with my mouse, it would run for the item on the ground when pressing spacebar) Now, despite having my hands full, it goes for the ground-item instead of the door. It's as if the game assumes I have an extra empty slot or something. When reaching the ground item, it tries to pick it up and plays the "pick-drop" animation.
  5. After more than ~100 days, I still haven't seen any new spider monkeys (the big black gorillas that drop silk). They simply ceased to exist. Don't know if it's because I had killed them (100 days ago) or they simply are supposed to despawn during some season and never respawn.
  6. In a new game: Being playing for about 160 days. I ve been reseting the clock before it reaches aporkalypse and I had no problems. Clock is displayed accurately and works fine. Only issue is that when I enter those ruins it doesn't appear on map (pic 1). After finding it, it is normally displayed on the map (pic 2; top right corner).
  7. Perhaps same as this archived bug: Giant Grubs Spawning Every Time You Enter Mant Hill In any case, i think there are too many after a while (6 in pic below).
  8. To clarify, lag was bearable and game was playable. It only lasted 5 seconds or so, but I was worried in case I go in an area with even more beetles. Also in my following encounters with large numbers of beetles I didn't notice anything major either. I've never used any commands (i found how to enable them). What commands should I use in order to replicate the situation? Namely: Spawn beetle "eggs" Hatch them all at once
  9. If it's foggy and you swap between that hat and anything else you get a message as if outside in the fog.
  10. Freezing a platapine with the Ice Staff makes it invisible. (pic 1; there is one frozen there, though invisible) Despite being invisible it can be attacked using F in it's proximity. I forgot to check if it happens with other mobs in the water. If I recall he becomes visible when shacking, right before the ice breaks. (pic 2)
  11. Walking through a swarm that is after me as WX doesn't allow it to "stick" on me; eventually it froze in place and it was unable to move.
  12. It happened inside my shack but i'm assuming it happens in every room. Picking it removes the effect. Doesn't work if hat is on shelf. (pic 3)