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  1. Server Crash @ Bee Queen Fight

    windows 10, i asked where to find crash log so i could upload cuz ye few days later and still having problem
  2. Server Crash @ Bee Queen Fight

    So i moved this post to bug tracker because everyone said i posted in the wrong thread. BUT atleast I got some feedback in the general discussion, bug tracker seems pointless if MODs spend more time complaining about where the thread is posted then actually trying to help with the problem.....
  3. Past hour been trying to fight bee queen on non-dedicated server with a friend but the server keeps disconnecting a minute into the fight. Nothing else seems to cause the game to crash just that fight. I know i could play other features of the game but just spent all night making the maze. Anyone else having connection problems of some kind or can relate? or is something up with my game How to upload client log?
  4. Throwable Rocks

    Is this mod still being updated? I was hoping I could talk to the creator or whoever brought this mod back from the dead. I want to implement some of the code into a mod im currently working on and I had some question about the code. Please and thank you as always. Also great mod, its a lot of fun and actually makes the game better. It gets 5 Stars in my eyes
  5. General Development

    thanks for the response. and the source code. Idk how much help I can be here but I know it cant hurt to try. are we following any specific order like "finish this before starting that?" if not I cant wait to dive into this and try to help move her along
  6. General Development

    Where can I find the beta code? To see what progress as been made and where to pick-up from
  7. True LAN Coop - Proposition

    im willing to help any way I can, I only have beginners experience in moding Don't Starve but I have a history with programming and some PS experience but little networking experience. I could help with recreating the prefabs accordingly but im sure we all want to know. Is how do you want to make first step?
  8. Madman's Fighting Pack

    How did you get the armor_swap images to work correctly, I cant figure this out in spriter
  9. thanks for the help zero, I was able to get on Skype with someone from forums and they should me all the basics when it comes to making your first mod.
  10. Modders: Your new friend at Klei!

    Is there any way you could help me understand how to create the ZIP files required for every mod in the ANIM folder. I've looked all over the forums and asked around and I have yet to be able to figure it out, please im going crazy over here its been 3 days of headache
  11. How do I create the zip files that go into the anim folder?
  12. Spriter Example: Equippable Item

    How do I go about compiling the ZIP files for the Anim folder, that is the only thing stopping my mod from working
  13. I'm having a hard time to get this working at all, I believe its in my folder layout because I couldn't understand how you wanted us to set it up