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  1. Wilson's Friendship Wand

    it seems its not your mod that cause the crash but the game itself, I used the feeding method on rocklobster and still crashed when I exit the caves. I should probably need to update. gonna check the bug tracking forum if this is a known problem already. and yes, I started a new game, and yes it screwed me over the second time around! Ugh!! If I may make a few suggestions, make it a 'cast' on wand instead of attack with it. make the followers follow the wand instead of the player, like an eyebone, so player have the options of making followers stay put.
  2. Example: Follow the Leader

    the caves seems to have serious issues with recruited followers(pigs,rocklobsters,etc), when leaving and entering while they are following the game crashes. is there a way to clear them from the console?
  3. Throwable Rocks

    Death by stoning! err.. rocking?
  4. Wilson's Cabin

    maybe you could have used refined materials for the ingredients, boards,lantern, etc. And add cut stones for the fireplace, so it wont catch fire, and because it looks like its made of stone in the picture anyway...
  5. Tiki Torch

    Nice one but a little op-ed, maybe add gold nugget to the ingredients for balance
  6. Better Compass

    how about add durability to it (degrades when map key is pressed), or add a semi-rare ingredient, or make it a one time use device(hardcore) to level out it's op-ness.
  7. Renewable minerals

    Maxwell update, please! game crashes when entering caves for the first time, turning it off before entering and turning it on inside the caves later works.
  8. Wilson's Friendship Wand

    I used it on a rocklobster and when I tried to leave the cave the game crashed, now I the game crashes every time I load that save game. anyway to fix this? error message: don't starve/data/scripts/saveindex.lua:214: attempt to index field 'follower'( a nil value )