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  1. Haha, the last night I found "the trick" for the Heat Stone during the Summer lol In fact the Heat Stone is not really frozen by using the Endothermic Fire, you need to place it inside an ice box and tada, in few seconds the Heat Stone will have a new color (frozen color, not blue), and now it will protect you much longer. Before the dlc we couldn't put the Heat Stone inside the Ice Box, but tonight I had the idea to put it inside, and it worked giving a new cold level ! lol So now, the heat stone is very useful in during the summer. Edit: this is the new level:
  2. Ok, but the firtst time I generated a cave, had 10 worms after few seconds at spawn !!! lol
  3. Yep same for me on PS4, inside one cave, the first time I entered inside, directly at the entrance point, 7-10 worms, horrible, needed 9 pig + big armor equipment to kill them, but few days later, 7-10 worms respawned in same place, just horrible...