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  1. A few things noticed in the trailer that some may not notice: the Fashion Melon lowers sanity when worn, the wet meter is still in winter, it seems that she doesn't take any damage while wearing the helmet (she may be taking damage but the bar doesn't drop), the statue she passes looks like a werid spider-bee hybrid (possible bee queen?), the deciduous trees are now called "Birchnut trees," catcoons may need to be escorted to their hollow stumps to spit something out for the player, tumbleweeds still roll out of the desert biome, wet objects now have a thin blue box around them, and the craftable(?) bell item uses 33% durability. Hope this helps with analysing it and the new features.
  2. Eating monster meat and not having any drawbacks would fit Webber since he is a spider, but I don't know about a web shooter. If Webber could spam it to get away from enemies, it would be too overpowered. And eating pig skins seems a bit odd as they are already required for the now more important umbrella, but I like where you're going with this.
  3. Tadaaaaaaaaaaa! Took some liberty and added a few more details to it. Also apologies to the original artist if he sees it since I defiled it.
  4. Yeah, I'd like to see everyone have a different effigy and their own dialogue about it. WX's gear effigy I think would be a good addition but since the meat effigy's require beard hair, what would replace that for WX's?