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  1. SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!! EVEN MY BODY IF YOU WANT!!!! HOW ABOUT A KISS ON THE FEET!!!!? And there will be an early access for PS4 right? RIGHT!?
  2. Webber ideas

    Stats: -Low sanity-low health-high hunger Perks: -Makes silk when on low sanity (Get it, he sh*ts himself when he's scared ) -Can befriend spiders but will get attacked by pigs. (Make a hat that can befriend pigs without having to give them monster meat) -Has night vision -can only sleep at day -eating monster meat decreases sanity by a ton because he feels bad for eating his own kind. -Walks normal speed on spider turf -Sanity increases at night, by 2+/min. -Attack period is faster
  3. Webber ideas

    Well Willow has a lighter, no difference in my opinion :/
  4. If you guys want a challenge, please just play adventure mode a lot of times until you find Wes. I'm not so good at this game, so what most of you guys are suggesting would make this game more harder than it is. I get it, summer is easy with no Deerclops and no freezing, but the point of summer is to collect and build stuff you need to survive winter and maybe autumn. Just my opinion, no offence. It took me 6 deaths to finally succeed in surviving for 100 days and I'm still alive, so I'm good as it is. Now time for what I want: 1. A recipe book, MycoLogical is right. 2. Webber having the ability to make silk naturally like how Wilson makes beard hair naturally and having low sanity. 3. A giant in Autumn, NOT SUMMER. Maybe a badgerraccoonbeargiantthingyclops? 4. Make a lightning staff which can stun and damage enemies but with only 10 uses. Crafted with a spear and yellow gem. 5. Since winter is just staying in your camp and rarely fighting Deerclops. Make autumn all about fighting. Increase amount of mobs spawning (EXCEPT in caves, please no.) new mobs, that are not giants. =.= 6. WRITABLE SIGNS 'nuff said. The most important this is that this DLC is worth our money.