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  1. No intention of being rude @JoeW, I just turn into Captain Sarcasm after 18 hours without sleep On the plus side, a week of skiing is about to begin. </Drama> EDIT: Wow, did you change my name to SarcasmMonitor or is this a semantic analysis engine branding me? Either way - ya got me.
  2. @JoeW Have a look at my "partridge in a pear tree" comment and see the truthseeker's response, then consider who started the light-hearted sarcasm Anyway, thank you for the info, back to on-topic.
  3. Fantastically useful information there, thanks dude. Before I read your confirmation I wasn't sure whether to believe a developer of the game posting in his own forum. Now you, a community member, has confirmed it, I know it's real.
  4. Can confirm. It's worse than childbirth.
  5. They've been supporting the game very actively, so I agree it seems clear that - for the immediate future at least (6 - 12 months) - there will continue to be very active support for the game. Whether that entails new content or simply bugfixes is unclear. I think suggesting there'll be "a DLC every year or so" is short sighted. Klei is an independent games developer with a total of 35 employees, and a significant portion of those are undoubtedly currently working on Invisible, Inc. Additionally, aside from Shank II they have a history of regularly developing new IP. Given the commercial success of the Don't Starve, if Reign of Giants has solid sales I'm guessing there will be at least one more DLC after it and probably two. But those will likely arrive in the next 9-12 months instead of the next several years. At that time I surmise they'll either concentrate fully on development of a sequel - something they may even be at the design stage of right now - or else shift focus to Invisible, Inc and other projects. Though of course that depends on the commercial success of Inv. Inc. Here's hoping they do something special with the future DLC and that Reign of Giants hands significantly more creativity to the players to bolster the already excellent gameplay. I also fervently hope they do develop a sequel, because this game is an absolute blast to play
  6. I doubt they'll tell us right now, either way. Announcing DLC 6 months ahead of time would just result in community impatience and demands for a release date. Announcing it 2-4 weeks before release stimulates renewed interest within the community, and probably stimulates sales. Equally, announcing now that there will be no more DLC triggers a troll backlash of "wat theres no moar? omfg im not buying this one then kthxbai". I don't think either approach serves them well. Possibly when the last DLC - whichever that may be - is out they'll announce 3-6 months after its release that it was the final update and add at least a mini DLC / free upgrade sweetener, since the game is so community oriented and I'm sure they have no desire to diminish their fanbase.