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  1. new ones 3rd try :p 


    1. OMGyouMuPPeT


      Third time lucky? 


  2. Thank you so much for this! now i can play my nice world and also enjoy the new content :3 <3
  3. Any news on how to add the new update stuff to a preupdate world?
  4. Well i'll drop my two cents in this matter, i love you guys at Klei and i'm gonna buy and play this anyway when it's released, why? because i want to live by the beach and eat fish till i get a disease, build a nice boat and get all the buried treasures (and that's just the content that has been showed so far, we don't even know how BIG it is going to be). My opinion in the DS+ROG+SW: no way for me, it's a whole different thing in my opinion, you can't mix them all together and expect it not to be a mess, you would have to change the current water and shores and make so we can walk to the beach so the DS+ROG normal world would be in the middle and the SW content in the perimeter, so that would be a mess, the new weather and seasons wouldn't work because we are talking about tropical weather, hurricanes,wind, etc, it just wouldn't work and if they implement it, i don't think would be as good as we expect. My opinion on a new .exe and not a DLC: I'll pay anyway either for a DLC or a standalone, but don't mix ROG with it entirely. Maybe you could mix some ROG stuff in SW? yeah but since we are in a new world with new features it is better if you let the new stuff be in it and just re-skin some things that are neccesary, like raincoats (there are no tentacle spots in SW since there is no swamp, so i expect a reskin, what it's totally cool for me) and eyebrellas (i guess you'll include a 100% rain protection for the head slot since there won't be deerclops, so reskin too, totally fine). But, in the end i would love to be able to travel from my ROG world there, making a portal, building a boat and just finding a tunnel or something that would let us find this new world, and i understand that would include making it possible for DS only players to get it and travel there, so we would have DS+SW and DS+ROG+SW not sure it that's ok, i think it is ok . I'm sure some people don't want the harder DS+RoG that they will find the DS+SW awesome and worth buying. SO, i'll play it anyway, standalone or DLC, i don't want it to be mixed with RoG but i do want to be able to travel there from my RoG world in some way, be able to enable it along with RoG, make a new world and find my way to the SW content, that way we have the vanilla DS for new players and two DLCs with a lot of new content, instead of two standalones DS and SW that would make new players choose one and prolly be really confused on which one should they pick if they can only afford one of them.
  5. I love this team :3 always doing something new and great with this game... multiplayer will be hell of funny to play i can't wait
  6. Anyone know how much time the melonsicle takes to spoil?