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  1. Were the cheats options not supposed to be in this version? When I updated again, they were removed.
  2. This existing character seems to fit your needs pretty closely. Since this is my first time ever coding, I don't really have any idea how to create throwing knives other than copying some lines from the boomerang prefab.
  3. Thanks, I'm glad you are having fun with him!
  4. Version 1.1


    Adds a custom character to the game. Who says you can't survive in style? To Do: Balancing Custom Dialog (about 900 quotes left to do) Perks: Looks beautiful Does more damage Heals over time Not as scared of enemies Friendly to certain animals A bit faster Cons: Very hungry Not much else (Slightly OP) Here is the download on the Steam Workshop Feel free to message me if you have any suggestions, bugs, requests, or just want to say hi!
  5. This is my first time with GIMP and digital art really, and I am really enjoying it! This was also my first time coding for anything semi-serious. I am making a character mod for myself (and I might make more after this one is all polished up) and finished the Big Portrait, so I thought to myself "Why not post it on the forum and receive some feedback or suggestions for improvements?" So, here you go! I would also like to post my character mod at a later date when its in a more complete state so if someone wants to, they can test it out and tell me what I could do better. (I assure you there will be plenty of room for improvements) Thanks and I hope you enjoyed!