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  1. Aside from the fact that multiple players directly makes the game easier, that's not the point. There's a case to be made for the lack of a summer giant, the lack of an aggressive Bearger, and the merging of caves and ruins making the games easier but I would still consider those more minor issues. The point is that players have LEARNED the game by now, it's so easy to abuse certain avenues of farming, certain items, lackluster AI, and collision on stuff like Fossils, and Klei have done nothing to fix any of this. Instead they poured all their efforts into optional content, raid bosses and challenges that don't provide any substantial survival reward, and usually only yield pointless cosmetics. Why would ANYONE feel the need to go sailing? Why would ANYONE fight the Shadow Pieces, Malbatross, Fuelweaver, Toadstool, Klaus, New Dragonfly, and Bee Queen? Because they are bored of surviving (or the lack of HAVING to survive) and want to go do some optional content, because there's nothing else to do, and there's no threat anymore. Why would someone fight the Deerclops? Because it will kill all nearby mobs and wreck your base, and come to kill you. The reward for killing the Deerclops is the best spring survival hat in the game. Same goes for all the RoG giants. There's a reason why the caves/ruins weren't touched in the Reign of Giants expansion, because that entire expansion was about more content that caters to the CORE of what Don't Starve is meant to be. Even setting the world gen to be lesser doesn't really do much to make the game harder, unless you turn stuff like pigs off, which you're then opting into removing content from the game purely because it can be abused.
  2. Don't Starve has been "learned" at this point, the two options are either: Make currently available content much more difficult. Or add more SURVIVAL challenges you have to prepare for and deal with. Obviously they don't know how to accomplish these things without interrupting the new player experience, and the 'casual' audience they have created out of thin air simply by making the game multiplayer. Klei has instead chosen to add pointless optional content, which is only difficult when you choose to engage with it. You know what Reign of Giants did? It added 2 new seasons, bosses, and mechanics that you could NOT avoid having to deal with. The only time Klei have attempted this in DST is with disease, a laughable mechanic that requires no effort and poses no threat. Simple tweaks to armor or weapons and basic items/numbers is NOT enough. The game needs better challenges, or emergent threats that you cannot fully predict if it's going to satisfy a lot of veteran fans. I just think its a bit... unfair that they have chosen to cater to a demographic that Klei CREATED out of thin air, rather than catering to the people who first supported the series and fell in love with it because it was a niche hardcore title.
  3. Treeguard's are in regular DS. Put some thought in before stalking my posts and playing devils advocate.
  4. "An uncompromising wilderness survival game" Nothing like easily being able to avoid one of the easiest enemies in the game simply by letting something else attack it first.
  5. I'm trying to edit the Toadstool_cap.lua prefab, and I need to add these lines in these functions: local function ongrown(inst) inst:RemoveEventCallback("animover", ongrown) inst.MiniMapEntity:SetIcon(inst._dark:value() and "toadstool_cap_dark.png" or "toadstool_cap.png") inst.AnimState:PlayAnimation("mushroom_toad_idle_loop", true) inst:AddComponent("workable") inst.components.workable:SetWorkLeft(3) inst.components.workable:SetOnWorkCallback(onworked) inst.components.workable:SetOnFinishCallback(onworkfinished) inst.components.timer:StartTimer("growsprouts", 1440) end AND local function onspawntoad(inst) inst:RemoveEventCallback("animover", onspawntoad) inst.SoundEmitter:PlaySound("dontstarve/common/mushroom_up") local toadstool = SpawnPrefab(inst._dark:value() and "toadstool_dark" or "toadstool") inst.components.entitytracker:TrackEntity("toadstool", toadstool) tracktoad(inst, toadstool) setstate(inst, 0) toadstool.Transform:SetPosition(inst.Transform:GetWorldPosition()) toadstool.sg:GoToState("surface") inst.components.timer:StopTimer("growsprouts", 1440) end When putting this all in the toadstool_cap prefab it starts and stops properly, however, I need to get this same code into a postinit, to which I tried local function onspawntoad(inst) inst.components.timer:StopTimer("growsprouts") print("stop timer") end local function ongrown(inst) inst.components.timer:StartTimer("growsprouts", 1440) print("start timer") end local function ongrowsproutsdone(inst, data) if data.name == "growsprouts" and GLOBAL.TheWorld.state.isautumn and GLOBAL.TheWorld.state.cycles > 70 then inst.components.sinkholespawner:StartSinkholes() inst.components.timer:StartTimer("growsprouts", 1440) print("MUSHROOMS START") else inst.components.timer:StartTimer("growsprouts", 1440) print("MUSHROOMS GO HOME") end end AddPrefabPostInit("toadstool_cap", onspawntoad, ongrown, ongrowsproutsdone) AddPrefabPostInit("toadstool_cap", function (inst) inst:AddComponent("sinkholespawner") inst:ListenForEvent("timerdone", ongrowsproutsdone) end) However, the onspawntoad(inst) and ongrown(inst) seem to be absolutely ignored, and it starts reaching into the "ongrowsprouts" function despite not being called to. Upon starting the world, the first print("stop timer") appears in the client_log, but never appears again, regardless of what I do in game. I hope this makes ANY kind of sense, because I have no clue how to work postinit's properly, and after 4 days I can't get any **** to work no matter what I do.
  6. I hate how treeguards immediately forget their target after getting hit by something. Lead a Treeguard thats chasing you to a pig, and congratulations you've got free bacon and and a neutral treeguard.
  7. I would have Wes' old meme april fools day ability. 1% chance to die on any action.
  8. I've owned the game since it first launched into early access, and have played about 8 hours then, and another 2 hours yesterday. (Yes, I will play it more than that, shhhhhh) Not getting any drops though, unlike Hot Lava, anyone know whats up?
  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Is it still okay to make fun of DST Woodie? Source Image: https://i.annihil.us/u/prod/marvel/i/mg/f/70/5893bbd25cdeb/clean.jpg
  10. I think you shouldn't be able to counteract the ONLY real downsides characters like Webber and Wortox have. The shamlet mask was only introduced to Hamlet because you wouldn't be able to play Webber without it.
  11. @JoeW Lock it down please.
  12. You ever consider that this isnt the game for them?