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  1. Attempting to hold a monopoly on online game publishing by paying out huge wallops of cash as well as a higher cut of profits to game developers in return for exclusivity on their platform. Spyware rumors, the platform is outdated, lots of mystery on data being transferred to weird places, a poor refund system, many other issues I'm sure exist, but these are some of the major ones. Just really negative business practices for consumers. Also ugh, game was turned from a RPG story sim to another card game. Ever since slay the spire came out and did so well everyone is just ripping the formula.
  2. The ability to test the game and give feedback is now getting ransomed out to Epic.
  3. You removed the Simulation RPG elements? And it's an epic games exclusive? Oh, never mind then, I mean I bought every other Klei game, but I'll go ahead and hard pass on this.
  4. Some ads will specifically redirect you without your input.
  5. It has always tried to redirect me to scam websites unless I had an adblocker on. For years.
  6. Are pogs good for anything?

    Wormwood got dark...
  7. Wormwood's Flammability

    The mods that added Wormwood to the game had him smolder first before actually setting on fire, as thats how fire spreading works in DST instead of it being instant in DS. You could just put Wormwood out... it IS a cooperative game after all, you're meant to help other survivors survive. Remove the health cost, make Wormwood smolder for longer, those are two easily implemented ideas that could help even further. As for having Wormwood spread fire to other objects? Eh, I would like that to be the case, but it's maybe a bit too harsh a punishment.
  8. Are pogs good for anything?

    Found the Warbucks main.
  9. because I needed to add to my army of cute boys. fight me I dare you.
  10. I'm trying to decide which skin looks best in a dress and it's hard to tell when I don't know what the bloom looks like.
  11. Positive sides of Hamlet

    You're megabasing for the aesthetics though, there's no real economy you can improve in your city, you don't really have any unique ways of dealing with potential threats, you don't get any resources for building more structures or having a mixture of them, you just build buildings for the aesthetic of it, and then spam a couple of guard towers to win the game. Not a single aspect of what makes city building games is in Hamlet. You don't need farmers, you don't need miners, you don't need to protect people from thieves, you don't need to protect people from bats... And if that isn't interesting enough? Well, I guess you can go fight optional bosses which are pretty easy (they do have some cool moves and great art), you can go deal with seasons that pose no challenge and provide no unique changes to your playstyle, or any risk and reward, you can go explore ruins... to find the same couple of traps, enemies, and the same reward: a relic that gets turned into basic currency, which is an inefficient way to even be earning oincs in the first place. Don't Starve turns out to be incredibly shallow when turned into a casual game, which is why the multiplayer is having a hard time of actually keeping people playing, and needs a bunch of drop systems. When you have an entire expansion that's about sitting in a safe secure house, with infinite lights, with overpowered guards, and the ability to have easy access to food at all times, then the game becomes casual, but shallow. Don't Starve is meant to be a "uncompromising wilderness survival", but Hamlet has turned into Stardew Valley Lite Lite Lite Lite Lite Lite Lite Lite. Overall, Hamlet has some amazing art, sound, and themes, but is shallow as a pond, just like Shipwrecked when it first launched, before it got its year after patch. edit: also the new challenges and depth to the seasons that was promised wasn't touched on in the slightest in the months till launch launch, Hamlet was just TOO much new stuff to handle, and this 'breath of fresh air' seems like it had a troubled development, I mean there's SO much cut content from the game that looks near complete...
  12. hamlet art is to good

    The art, sound, and general feel of Don't Starve is always amazing, it's just the kind of mechanics and general gameplay that's in Shipwrecked and Hamlet that falls flat.
  13. Should RoG and SW season shortened like Hamlet?

    Try getting the proper clothing and items for both Winter and Summer, you can stay busy if you know what to wear and how to effectively get it, and then you can explore as much as you want. Hamlet really isn't a challenge, nothing is a roadblock until the Aporkalypse, you're just meant to keep exploring without much hindrance I suppose.