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  1. So, theres this shadow enemy I have that can ONLY be clicked on by one of its tails: And I have no idea why this is the case. creepingfear.lua It doesn't seem to have anything to do with the CharacterPhysics, the scale, or orientation and layer.
  2. My problem with this rework is that it doesn't solve Wurt's problem of not really having a interesting direction, and design focus. This would be better, but it doesn't make her an interesting character. It's mostly just minor perks and tweaks, and while I do like the fisher Merms, fish need to have more impact on both the Merm king rewards, or Merm follower efficiency. Her base building gameplay would still be incredibly lacking, and her vegetarianism just as boring, she just has limited vegetarian options, and no dynamics. Now for a little bit of relevant mod talk: We can all look at the mod character Womp for some real cohesive design, especially when were talking about wetness. He passively gains wetness, and while at medium-high wetness he gains more movement speed, a small sanity boost, a chance to dodge attacks, and doesn't have problems with tool grip or sanity loss when wet. However when he is hit, he loses wetness based on damage taken, and on low wetness he moves slower, has a sanity loss, and when he is super low wetness he starts losing sanity over time. You need to manage a new stat that has perks and downsides directly integrated into it, and its all tied into wetness, which has its own easy to understand rules and concepts.
  3. Agreed. I didn't consider the greifing problem, but you can easily cheese a lot of fights by getting mobs stuck on fossils too. Already modded that kind of thing out myself, but theres no excuse for greif abuse, need more than mods for that. Quick heads up, I dont think you should be posting peoples steam profiles, even if they are a dirty greifer, could incite harassment.
  4. I assume they dropped it due to Steam kinda existing, but its still cool how so much cut or unfinished stuff is left in he games files.
  5. If Rawling lost the sanity gain on throw I would be okay with it being added, just as a generic item though. Seriously, get up against some obstacles, and spam throw/pick up Rawling and you will go from 0%-100% sanity in like a minute. I could see Volleyball being a fun little extra activity, in the vein of rat races. I would rather pretty much ANYTHING ELSE get added to the game, but I guess it could be fun.
  6. Walter was kinda a cluster [DONT SAY SWEARS] of traits, I really like him over all but he was kind of a mess of different design choices. There are now 23 different characters across the franchise, and it seems to be getting harder and harder to come up with something original, especially so if you account for workshop characters (Seriously, Wurt is a low budget knock off of Womp, Womp is so much better). I sincerely hope we don't get another character, atleast not for a long time, or some serious milestone in the lore is reached. I would much rather see full focus be put on character refreshes instead. Wendy's was awesome.
  7. Disease needs to actually have some depth and presence before being curable. Regardless of that, having binary design like "I can/cannot avoid problem" being an inherent trait doesn't make for an interesting character IMO. Like Wormwood in Hamlet, just disabling Hayfever outright, removes a layer of the game without any choice or intrigue.
  8. I don't know about the raw ingredients being buffed, but the crockpot recipes could use some tuning for sure. The numbers for things like stuffed eggplant and pumpkin cookies are pathetic, cooked eggplant heals 20 hp, raw heals 8, both heal 20 hunger and stuffed eggplant heals 5 for some reason, and the raw ingredients could easily match its 37.5 hunger, in cases where you dont use ice it will VERY easily go over. Cooked Pumpkin heals 8 hp, 37.5 hunger, and 2 honey heals 3 hp and 9.375 hunger each. PUMPKIN COOKIES HEAL 0 HP, 37.5 HUNGER, with the extra little bonus of 15 sanity. What the hell.
  9. Wilson is a failed, slightly mad scientist, whose entire claim to fame is being able to grow a large beard. Thats hilarious to me, and thats what makes Wilson stand out. Wilson is a failure, and was desperate enough to strike a deal with Maxwell, pulling him into the constant. If Wilson gets some more perks, I would hope they would be his through his ingenuity, have him able to craft better survival gear out of his beard hair, like a hairy sleeping bag, or a hair stuffed torch, the kins of things that would really help newer players. Sticks with Wilsons character, and the gsmes comedy too Ive always maintained that if the characters were more balanced, and downsides were more prominent, then Wilson would stand out so much more as the character with "no downsides". Right now, his downside is not being as objectively good as characters like Wicker or WX, whose downsides are of such minimal impact outside of very, VERY new players. I know its doubtful that they will get proper downsides in their refreshes, so with that in mind, I really hope Wilson doesn't get some proficiency in science, but with his beard hair.
  10. If the teleporter could be used by a single person, and the sinkholes happened more often and were more of a threat then the Antlion would instantly be a good summer threat and objective. Sadly, the boss is pretty easy even without just gunpowder cheesing, her drop is only good in a multiplayer situation where 2 people are coordinated enough to make it worth teleporting instead of just walking, and the sinkholes arent really much of a problem that needs to be dealt with. I cant imagine newer, unaware players struggling with the sinkholes either, you might get suprised the first time it happens, but its easy to avoid once you understand how it works. I always play with Antlion on max in my world, but frankly it just goes from barely an issue, to slightly annoying. I hope summer as a whole gets a second pass, theres a lot that can be done with the new additions, like the Oasis Lake, and the Antlion.
  11. I'm talking about my mod at the end of discussion about a topic, which is relevant to the topic. I'd argue its not shilling because im talking about the topic and then putting an extra adendum talking about Uncompromising Mode, when its relevant to the subject.
  12. If you want to view casual play as a bad thing thats up to you. But your stance on things in the past and now are clearly against veteran design.
  13. I don't know what cutting things like cave overheating has to do with greifing, because I put that back in and it works 100% fine.
  14. Old Bell and Freezing/Panflute/Sleeping works against any of the giants. "Every single thread" is clearly hyperbole, and what I brought up is directly related to the Dragonfly, and summer as a whole. By nerfing and removing mechanics from summer Klei left it void of its original challenge, and in their attempt to fill it they added the Antlion, which is a complete joke. Uncompromising is relevant because it adds these things back in, so in this instance, yes, it's better than Klei. They cut content and nerfed things, leaving a sizable portion of the player base disappointed, just because new players might join a server during summer, and the Dragonfly was a major threat if not taken care of. When I talk about insanity being a joke, it's in threads that ask questions like "Why should I ever not be insane?" The fact that insanity is a positive thing is insane to me, and when characters have downsides that are related to sanity, I point out how it fails as a challenging mechanic. I'm trying to give people a choice, hoping that anyone who cares about actual challenging content will have somewhere to get it, because clearly Klei is NOT providing. Glad you casual players get pandered to constantly, probably wouldn't know what it feels like to be a veteran player who had their game nerfed and filled with casual multiplayer hallmarks, sorry that it is incredibly annoying and that I chose to do something about it.
  15. these are secret marketing strategies that uncomp does NOT want you to know about