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  1. Woodie - Killer confirmed?

    This is evidence to contrary, that Wurt doesn't know what shes talking about.
  2. Wendy Belongings Set

    I'm trying to understand the logic behind what words are capitalized and what aren't, and I don't think I can crack the code.
  3. More of the Vinyl collectibles with updated characters? Despite the blind box aspect these things are phenomenal.
  4. Basic estblished conveniences should not be changed. Using a map isnt part of the games difficulty, experienced players would remember where everything is regardless, and any newer player would have no easy landmarks or map markers to go off of, and would need to scour the crafting menu for a basic convenience, which requires materials they couldnt keep track of because they have no map... It would be more task clutter for new players and a slight inconvenience for experienced players.
  5. Bearger is male

    Klei's got J. K. Rowling syndrome.
  6. What is WX's Gender

  7. Better Starving?

    Worrying about the exact details and intricacies of all the food you have to eat and balancing even more meters sounds like micromanaging, which is far from a important part of Don't Starve, I love the game because the mechanics and systems are very simple, but the punishments for not using them and being unprepared are harsh. I'm all for more difficulty, but the difficult part about hunger is finding the resources, not looking up all the details on a wiki and having to spend all your time worrying about what foods do what, and all the stat balancing details. Hunger is a motivator for action, it's what forces you to actually explore and maybe take risks. It doesn't need to be more than that.
  8. If Klei is potentially worried about making the new player experience harder, they could always just add more challenges to the second, third, however many years survived. Most players don't even survive past the first year for dozens of hours of play time, so it couldn't hurt. (Uncompromising Mode Mod is still happening and doing this)
  9. The game has been "learned" at this point, even when not playing optimally and using all the "meta" strategies the game can still be incredibly easy. Klei have been completely focusing on small little events that provide no lasting value, which is a terrible way to have player retention, its the reason why games like Overwatch drop off so damn fast, the content gets stale because it becomes so easy, so the devs focus on rapid patches to entice people with new content, only for it to be learned and ignored quickly after, repeat infinitely until the game dies. ~~~~~~~~~~ edit: I don't mean to imply that any of these side events are bad, FAAAAAAAR from it, I like all the new boat mechanics, fishing, the chinese new year events, it's all cool stuff, but I worry that so much time is spent on these little events instead of longer lasting, more impactful content. ~~~~~~~~~~ They need to add something with lasting value, tweaking later seasons, overpowered strategies, or adding some kind of hardcore mode could help the game last for SO much longer than small side stuff like catching fish... because you may get a heavier fish. Or racing rats... so you can... get rewards that are incredibly limited and largely replaceable? I don't expect Klei to layer more difficult content onto the core game, as much as I want that it would kind of hurt newer players experience, in the same way that RoG does, but somethings gotta change if people are going to stay interested in the game. I think the only attempt at this was disease, but thats such a pointless, unintrusive, easy to avoid mechanic that was either intentionally designed that way, or was quickly abandoned because people didn't like it (because it wasn't interesting, not because it was more difficulty).
  10. Deerclops is a she?

    The fact that Maxwell literally says there was nothing before he created everything in the constant during the ending of Don't Starve?
  11. Deerclops is a she?

    Maxwell created him, and says hes a guy, so hes a guy. I dont know why Klei all of a sudden feels a need to change this.
  12. Please Nerf Boat Kits

    So, instead of just using a boat, you want a separate item to accomplish the same task but worse? In your example it would mean creating 3 bridges instead of 1 boat, its just the same thing with more of a potential cost. I just don't see the point.
  13. A few seasonal changes

    I dont think Klei has much desire to change the base game, but I would love to have this stuff in the game for subsequent years. Also Sunset Skye is confused lol, as they explained to me they misuse the confused emote as a downvote button for people who are being mean, apparently its for "downvoting" people making innocent sugestions without any implication that these changes NEED to be added, or that the game and its fans are wrong if they disagree. I think they might be in trouble if Klei ever adds any of your suggestions, they might even quit the game.
  14. Hamlet

    My speculation, I've definitely seen someone bring it up on the forums before, couldn't point you to who. It just doesn't make sense for Klei to not release Hamlet for consoles, and they are being awfully quiet about it. The Shipwrecked OST was finally release alongside Home Sea Home, and Hamlets OST hasn't been released, maybe they will release it after an update? Either they are being quiet and fixing things up just like Home Sea Home for a wide console relaunch, or they aren't going to say they are canceling Hamlet because don't want to disappoint anyone. Just my theories anyways. This comment back in may is all I could find on Klei mentioning console releases: That was 4 months before Hamlet launched, 1 and a half years ago today.
  15. Hamlet

    A bit late, but current speculation is that Hamlet is getting worked on behind the scenes and will be released on other platforms when it's complete. That's not at all a promise. Same thing happened with Shipwrecked if I'm not mistaken (which I could be), same with the soundtrack to Shipwrecked (again I might be wrong).