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  1. (abandoned) RPG HUD

    Don't works with Know it All. I guess that it's cause by the new Know It All mechanics, in olders versions there wasn't a specific back pack for it, you only needed to press the buttom. So I supose that is cause by this back pack, the "Know-it-all-atron". I don't know what to do, both mods are very important and I can't play with them, for now I will disable Know it all, but I really wanted to had it without problems, I hope that it has an easy adjustement to works together with RPG HUD. Please try to see what is the problem about that and if is simple, fix it. Sorry if my english isn't very good, I am spanish. Thank you.
  2. Lunch Box

    How could I change this inventory from vertical to horizontal to put it next to the amulet/pack slot? I am trying to change it in the modmain file of the mod but I don't know how to do it. Thank you so much this mod is awesome and... sorry if my english is bad, im spanish
  3. where's rabbit hole ?

    Don't work I don't see any icon for the rabbit hole in the mini map. Can you fix it please? And, could I add another icons for the mini map(or too the map if possible) only by writting this name in the modmain file? or Should I create an image and put it in the mod too? And How you did to bring closer too much the minimap? I want to see my minimap this close too =) Thank you too much, and sorry if my english is very bad I am spanish
  4. Yo os recomiendo a todos instalar los mods por vuestra cuenta 1 a 1 tal como os guste, yo hago eso, y tengo unos 40 mods, algunos incluso los he modificado a mi gusto, y no se nada programación y tal, pero sabiendo algo de ingles y usando la lógica casi todos los mods son configurables al gusto del usuario xD