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  1. I'm pretty sure Klei cares about delivering a game that they and we enjoy, not leech off money.
  2. I don't know what to say besides "I love you people trying different things and them all working out great, so goood luck"
  3. It seems a bit hard for them to only trade with those meats So maybe make an alternative to trading that's a bit cheaper than the meat, like coins and currency, or make a currency system where you can sell your item for that form of currency to buy other stuff. Also, I hate the quest pig cause' I go all the trouble of getting an item and when I try to give it to him, he asks for another item.Maybe change this a lil' bit?
  4. Yeah I do use a lot of mods the same thing (sort of) happened with the multiplayer mod. I can give you some detail if you want tomorrow.
  5. Thanks, that would make my life perfect.
  6. Can you make this mod compatible with the RPG HUD mod? When I try to use it mY screen is messed up.
  7. I saw the spotlight! I was so sad that this wasn't on the forum but now it is. Woohoo!
  8. This is lovely but the art seems a bit .... off. You could ask someone to improve it.
  9. Is adding a sky with stars and the moon possible?
  10. I had this mod on my desktop and when I tried it on my laptop, I can't enable it. It doesn't give a warning of a mod being installed, it says it crashed in the mods section and the hud's the same. I tried quite a few times with and without other mods and some others have this problem as well. Any idea?
  11. I made my own disc thanks to your tutorial but it crashes everytime I load it, can you help me? Also the template was different than the one in your tut images.
  12. Also if you can, make a cd with the music his world from sonic the hedgehog.