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  1. Hi, So I recently bought the game for PS4 and have enjoyed it all again, so far I have only had trouble with Dont Starve Together, the wiki says mobs like for example a clockwork bishop have more health in DST than in DS along with important mobs like giants, it will be so much harder to kill deerclops and other giants that will generate in the future (of my world) that I am not even sure if I want to keep playing because eventually I will hit a wall for not playing together, I have found Dont Starve Together to be way more difficult for one player (I know, its meant to be played together), but I dont have friends that play Dont Starve, that said, I wouldnt like to join a random world because in PS4 its harder to communicate with players (only easy way is through a microphone). Reading in internet I see people use a mod for PC version that scales life of all npcs according to the number of players, I know we cant install mods in PS4 so I come here to ask. Is there a way to implement an "easier" mode in DST? (like for example world presets, although most of them were unchangeable upon world creation). Also I wonder if there is a way to get a real pause in the game since I am playing alone, I dont know if playing offline could fix that but then I wouldnt get drops when playing right nor trophies for that matter (PS4 trophies)? If there is not, is it possible that Klei would ever add a way for solo players to have a better gameplay experience or should I just resign and go play DS until I can actually play with someone else? PD: I like DS but I am more into DST since it gets frequent updates and feels like it has better QoL improvements compared to DS.