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  1. I've tried logging in several times. I must be missing out on the wormhole skin box. Not a complete loss though as weaving the skins says it will only cost 150 spools per wormhole skin. Just find it odd I never had mine dropped.
  2. I thought it might be, but the shenaningans text makes me be believe otherwise. Would love input on this from a dev
  3. Are Wormwood's bramble trap's designed to hurt players or is this a glitch?. I was playing on a cooperative Server with a bunch of Wormwood's as Wortox. Hounds came and I ran through the traps with a fellow wormwood. The traps triggered killing the hounds but the Aoe from the thorns also did damage to myself, thus killing me by "Shenanigans" pretty quickly. Just wondering if I should be more careful around these things.
  4. I have yet to try out the portal since the update and I don't see it mentioned in the patch notes. But Can we use the portal now to change characters? Not sure if this bug has been fixed yet. Using the celestial portal before the patch would give us error and crash or game.
  5. Basically just hear say. Post's on the forums have mentioned it, Someone on my PS4 community mention's it. And just finished watching this guys video on the leaked update and he brings it up as well. I still don't know where people are getting WB's name though.
  6. I keep hearing rumour's they're re balancing character's. Particularly Wickerbottom, is this true? What was Said about my old Lady!
  7. Is the atrium entrance now added onto a pre-existing giant tentacle or is a new one created and placed randomly somewhere in your caves. I'm currently having trouble finding my entrance, as I've spend the last couple days going through every giant tentacle so far and still nothing.
  8. Not sure how I feel about locking the bundle wrap behind the bee queen.
  9. I do have cloud storage enabled. That was the first thing that I tried once I noticed all my stuff was gone. The save was overwritten, and any attempt at uploading the cloud doesn't change anything now.
  10. After figuring Id try deleting a certain day and trying to see if my game would work if i do a rollback before starting the server. My whole entire save file is now damaged.... I lost alll saved worlds!! this is complete Horse ****!!
  11. My game that Ive been working towards for several weeks now. Up and suddenly decides that it doesn't want to load up anymore. Yesterday and days before It was working fine, until the afternoon yesterday when I decided to close it down for a moment to take a break. Now everytime I choose this game it gives me the blue error screen and tells me to report the problem. Suggested actions on playstation's end tells me to update system software or the game. Both are up to date. Please help as I've accomplished quiet alot on this server and it will be a real bummer if I end up losing this one.