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  1. For Warly Make Powder cakes and season them with Honey,Garlic,and Spice. Way more efficient to just have a stack of those prepared for whenever you want them on hand. Instead of making seasoned food and it spoiling before you use it up.
  2. Same thing is happening to me. I cannot get back in my and my friends world she started. keeps giving me disconnected error.
  3. Let Warly Season Jerky or eat it in the very least.
  4. As Ps4 player, I would absolutely love for them to fix the memory or server's to dst. This is a 6 player Game, but you CANNOT play on anyone's server with 6 people passed day 50 and up, without getting Lag spikes and serious rubber-banding. Edit: Grammer.
  5. Lot's of people struggle with wickerbottom because they don't know how to manage their sanity. Wicker is a cake walk in the beginning but as you go on with the days and don't get prototype boost early on like everyone else. You miss out on alot of sanity increases. You have to focus on Green caps, cactus, and bee boxes. Just like wortox style, if you see a butterfly. PUNCH IT!. The butterflies are going to replace all that health you lose when picking cactus. unless you can get a husk from wormwood, or don't mind using armor to pick cactus.
  6. What 6 Character's in your opinion, are best paired together? If given the choice who would you choose to bring into your world. And yes I know of some "Holy Trinity" character's. Just interesting who you guys would Pick. For me it's Wortox Wicker WormWood Maxwell Wigfrid Wendy
  7. [Game Update] - 150

    I thought it might be, but the shenaningans text makes me be believe otherwise. Would love input on this from a dev
  8. [Game Update] - 150

    Are Wormwood's bramble trap's designed to hurt players or is this a glitch?. I was playing on a cooperative Server with a bunch of Wormwood's as Wortox. Hounds came and I ran through the traps with a fellow wormwood. The traps triggered killing the hounds but the Aoe from the thorns also did damage to myself, thus killing me by "Shenanigans" pretty quickly. Just wondering if I should be more careful around these things.
  9. [Game Update] - 142

    I have yet to try out the portal since the update and I don't see it mentioned in the patch notes. But Can we use the portal now to change characters? Not sure if this bug has been fixed yet. Using the celestial portal before the patch would give us error and crash or game.
  10. Basically just hear say. Post's on the forums have mentioned it, Someone on my PS4 community mention's it. And just finished watching this guys video on the leaked update and he brings it up as well. I still don't know where people are getting WB's name though.
  11. I keep hearing rumour's they're re balancing character's. Particularly Wickerbottom, is this true? What was Said about my old Lady!
  12. [Game Update] - 120

    Is the atrium entrance now added onto a pre-existing giant tentacle or is a new one created and placed randomly somewhere in your caves. I'm currently having trouble finding my entrance, as I've spend the last couple days going through every giant tentacle so far and still nothing.
  13. [Game Update] - 120

    Not sure how I feel about locking the bundle wrap behind the bee queen.
  14. [Game Update] - 115

    Same Can't even Download.