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  1. Well, thank you so much for your suggestion ^^
  2. Thank you for information. I'm not the original author I really wish that original author port his mod DST, which I really need in my server. Since I'm very new to this modding stuff, I'm trying to learn these things by trying to copy the codes and edit them.
  3. I'm trying to port 'vending machine' mod to DST. And ThePlayer must refer to the player interact with machine prefab
  4. Well I'm trying to port a mod to Dst. I know that I need to change GetPlayer() to the ThePlayer because there are now lots of players rather than one. However, there is a part of code like: function Inventory:GuaranteeItems(items) self.inst:DoTaskInTime(0,function() for k,v in pairs(items) do local item = v if self:Has(item, 1) then for k,v in pairs(Ents) do if v.prefab == item and v.components.inventoryitem:GetGrandOwner() ~= GetPlayer() then v:Remove() end end else for k,v in pairs(Ents) do if v.prefab == item then item = nil break end end if item then self:GiveItem(SpawnPrefab(item)) end end end end)endSo should I just change it like if v.prefab == item and v.components.inventoryitem:GetGrandOwner() ~= ThePlayer thenHow would be effective such a way?
  5. @Corrosive Actually, I'm not looking for what you mean. I have most of the codes, only point that I need help is linking these codes with kill and death events.
  6. I wanna create a top 5 widget at the right corner of the screen that basically gives points based on each player's death and amount of creature that he kills. If he kills a creature, for example, he will get 20 points and lose 10 point when he dies. So each week, I will announce the player having highest point. It is a bit confusing but I'm sure there are some modders that can help me.
  7. I tried by converting as 1D and it looks like it's working. Thank you. Solved
  8. it is 150x150 and i am converting it as 2d texture. But it is still same :/
  9. So when I open mod selection my game stops running cuz of a mod that I made. Here is the problem even though I created 2d tex. Whats solution of it? [00:01:24]: ../mods/workshop-397215323/soguga-diren.tex is 150x150 but compressed textures must have power of 2 dimensions.[00:01:24]: ..\source\renderlib\OpenGL\HWTexture.cpp(397) : - ../mods/workshop-397215323/soguga-diren.tex: The engine doesn't currently support 3D textures. Did you mean to use a 2D texture?
  10. I think there's something I miss. Cuz when I die, game freezes and server shuts down itself.
  11. I am using Simple Protection mod on Steam Workshop but appearantly it wont properly work for me. Even though ghost protection is on, ghosts still are able to break walls or other things. Is there any manuel solution for that? Additionaly, I want to disable people's breaking walls using spears or swords, which is annoying. For both problem, which folder's codes need to be changed and how?
  12. Is it possible in DST to add a specific character that only admins can choose?
  13. Well, I'm using Simple Protection mode which causes players spending less than 10 days in server drop their items when they leave server. I have the following code. However I want players having more than minimum days (which is 10) wont drop their items even when they become ghost. I just want to apply it for the players playing for 11 days or more for example. AddComponentPostInit("playerspawner", function(PlayerSpawner, inst) inst:ListenForEvent("ms_playerdespawn", function (inst, player) if player and player.components and player.components.inventory and player.components.age then if player.components.age:GetAgeInDays() < min_days then player.components.inventory:DropEverything(false,false) end end end)end)I got confused lil bit. Any ideas about how to edit the code above?