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  1. In regards to you Denzie I see what you mean with the basket and I totally agree now that it should be indestructible but maybe you should have slower movement speed while holding it? Something that keeps it balanced so you can't carry a million things on you at once. And also I love your idea with the crock pot combinations of fruits and such, that sounds awesome!
  2. I feel like the flower sanity thing may be Op because you could surround your base with flowers and never lose sanity. Just a thought, but as for the basket it's a cool idea but it should have a durability and maybe could be crafted from twigs, grass, and rope? Just some of my own opinions to keep the character balanced.
  3. Make it a long wait before having to repair it. Making it never having to be repaired would be too op. I love the character model and it looks a ton better than before. Just make sure he keeps his balance and this mod will be even better. 10/10 would Wiliam again!
  4. Don't take it to offense I actually do like the idea of the whole thing and the build up, it feels really good considering the modding community with the game. And the whole thing about the hyper realistic eyes was a joke at other gaming pastas that use that stuff as you probably know. I did like it man and I hope you make another, I would love to read it!
  5. Well, it was pretty good... until you destroyed my immersion and had two arms come out of the screen and grab Jordan. See, with these gaming creepy pastas you gotta keep it seeming real. The mod was believable as someone with the right skill could totally create something like this and that is what was good. The ending was just kind of a cop out at the end like you got lazy and didn't know how to end it. My only suggestions would be to make it a bit longer and keep the cliches to a minimum. And please, no SPOOKY HYPER REALISTIC EYES, MUCH REAL BLOOD, SO WOW, In the next one. Just fix those things and you'll be set for any more you write! 7/10 would read again.
  6. I personally love the mod! Very balanced but as a bunch of these helpful people are pointing out the mod could be EVEN better! With the whole gathering speed thing and faster growing rates but I had a kind of cool idea that maybe you would consider? I want to make this clear, with any suggestion i'm not pushing it but a cool game play mechanic for her would be to maybe give her slightly less bonuses to meats and better bonuses from eating plants like seeds and vegetables and such (E.G. When eating a cooked morsel instead of getting 12.5 hunger back only getting 6.25 with no health bonus, but if you eat Roasted Berries instead of 12.5 hunger back you get 15 with a health increase of 2?) This whole idea may make her unbalanced yet even more intricate than she already is becoming. Anyways keep up the great work! She fits right in with Don't Starve! P.S. Sorry for the long post, I just really love this mod!
  7. Wowzers! To be honest it looks A WHOLE lot better than the old one dude.. keep up the good work!