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  1. The params may be local, but the function widgetsetup is Global. local containers = require "containers"containers.old_widgetsetup=containers.widgetsetup--define params here for your prefab- mine is cookpot.local params = {}params.cookpot ={}function containers.widgetsetup(container, prefab) target = prefab or container.inst.prefab if target == "cookpot" then local t = params.cookpot if t ~= nil then for k, v in pairs(t) do container[k] = v end container:SetNumSlots(container.widget.slotpos ~= nil and #container.widget.slotpos or 0) end else containers.old_widgetsetup(container,prefab) endend
  2. I've been working on it for days using different tactics, and I cant seem to get it. Background: Curreny, The mod works this way: The container widget setup is overriden to add a button. its functionality is --server size if inst.components.container ~= nil then GLOBAL.BufferedAction(inst.components.container.opener, inst, action):Do() --client size elseif inst.replica.container ~= nil and not inst.replica.container:IsBusy() then GLOBAL.SendRPCToServer(GLOBAL.RPC.DoWidgetButtonAction, action.code, inst,action.mod_name) endwhen the action is PREDICT, defined here: PREDICT.str = "Predict" = "PREDICT"PREDICT.fn = function(act) if"SMARTERCROCKPOT") then item ,odds= endendwhere the predicter components does the calculation, and outputs the result using: prefab:PushEvent("prediction", {item = loot,odds = chance})which is intercepted in the container widget (just like itemget) and activates a method to add a utilSlot (InvSlot with empty code so it does nothing) with the item to the cookpot. for more, you can always download. The problem: All this works for the hostonly. for the client, predicter:Predict() gets called, but the event isnt pushed into the widget. Do you have any tips or code to aid me so the mod will work for the clients too? Help wiil be appreciated
  3. Version 1.0


    Wood and Carpet Flooring have always been useless. Now Carpets insulate, protecting you in winter and Wood Floors halve sanity loss at night.
  4. Version 1.0


    This mod allows you to craft a greenhouse, A farming system safe of winter cold. Now you can grow your crops in winter! features: +almost, but not quite, entirely unlike 3d structure. +A minimap icon. +possible future exclusive vegetables. -The growth rate is the same as the basic farmplot. -Rain does not accelerate growth -is expensive. -(may suffer from lack of updates/fixes, sorry).
  5. The error was called because I was saving values like "100%" (string) in the stackable(number) component( which I'd really hate to overwrite). I decided to not take any chances and disable that feature. I would have loved to fix that myself but the problem never occured for me and my info is based on one log. its possible to perhaps use a regular number or a fraction, but as the mod now grown, it scares me to try again. If interested, the feature is now commented on lined 139,140. any risk takers may uncomment them and delete the "..%". Note you must download the new version, recommended from steam if possible. I sincerly hope everything is okay now, as I won't have much time to update.
  6. Fixed. How to salve your save game
  7. "not an error, a feature" The game works the same way- it sorts all the valid recipes based on the priority, and the group with highet priority gets selected randomly. I cut/replicate the process in the middle, displaying the top priority group and the odds ( never saw any case of multiples other than baconandeggs+monsterlasagna. did you?) if anyone could assist with sharing mod compatability issues (especially approving everything is ok), that would be great. are you sure that's how this is caused? an issue like this would have created more complaints by now. do you have any other mods? the part that you say is malfunctioning is the containerwidget.lua, try to see if any other mod overrides its (sadly,I do).
  8. Version 1.001


    Do you find yourself confused over the many recipes the crock pot offers? Do you need to check online before cooking? This mod alters to Crock Pot to show you what you're going to cook, without cooking it, saving you the time and from unfortunate mistakes. See upfront even the expected spoilage. in the game, when multiple recipes are available, the cooking product is chosen at random- now you can see every option before gambling. --odds display as percentages removed due to critical bugs. Compatible with DisplayFoodValues, for you to see the values of your cooking.