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  1. Did the most recent patch change this?


    attachicon.gifcustom slot sizes.JPG


    I'm going to see if it's easy to edit the background to the chest tomorrow, I'm just to tired to change it right this second.


    Or is it a problem with clients? I haven't tested that.


    EDIT: added a new picture, because I got a custom texture working, I'm working right now on making it more 'nicely' moddable


    To clarify: it's fairly nicely moddable as it is, but you have to replace the containers.lua with a mod. more "mildly annoying" than anything, and it means multiple mods that use containers.lua wouldn't work together.


    This may be due to the way container_replica and container_classified work, but I'll keep looking in to it.


    I'm not sure how much farther I can go with this, I keep getting frustrated. I've uploaded the rar here, in case someone wants to take it and run with it to try to make it more 'nicely' moddable.


    The best solution I can think of is to get an "AddParams" function going, but I'm far too tired right now to even think about it.


    The params may be local, but the function widgetsetup is Global.

    local containers = require "containers"containers.old_widgetsetup=containers.widgetsetup--define params here for your prefab- mine is cookpot.local params = {}params.cookpot ={}function containers.widgetsetup(container, prefab)    target = prefab or container.inst.prefab    if target == "cookpot" then        local t = params.cookpot        if t ~= nil then            for k, v in pairs(t) do                container[k] = v            end            container:SetNumSlots(container.widget.slotpos ~= nil and #container.widget.slotpos or 0)        end    else        containers.old_widgetsetup(container,prefab)    endend