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  1. Annnnddddd I believe that's the last of all the fanart I've done! Which is kinda surprising to me because I am one who does essentially 0% fanart, ever. But hey, entering this fandom has done some crazy awesome things for me, so that's good. I should also let it be known that I'm up for DS fanart requests; sometimes ideas just don't pop in my head and having an idea of something to go off of is great. Plus it helps me to continue making people happy, so I'm all good for that! (I'm also getting to some western au design stuff because ace is an enabler and I can't resist)
  2. Wilson sketch for that 'give me a palette and a character' meme. T'was fun! Should try it again stometime. Tumblr link: here!
  3. Request of William being a dork but let's be honest, dork is his factory setting. Tumblr link: here!
  4. Random Maxwell cheeb, I think this was a mini request. Quite possibly might go and ink/color this at a later date. Trying to squish Maxxy into a chibi form is really odd and hard and a bit concerning. Tumblr link: here!
  5. I think this was the last of the busts I did...I meant to go ahead and do one for all the characters, but school got in the way! I wasn't the happiest with this one either, but hey, at least it's more Willow art! Tumblr link: here!
  6. Ahhhh my goodness, thank you! ;3; Always a pleasure and an honor from you, it is! And guh, you're gonna make me blush, I swear. D: Ahhh golly, thank you so much! :'D! I really appreciate it! Many many thanks! Gosh, I'm a huge fan of your art myself, been watching you for awhile and it always makes my day to see your work on my dash. XD
  7. Now, while I adore Woodie....I also have a deep love for Wiggy. Maybe I just like gingers? I dunno. But I do know is that Wigfrid is totally badass and I love her to pieces. (enough to get to work on a cosplay of her too, eheheh) Tumblr page: here!
  8. Forget Maxwell's face, I still can't figure out Wilson's hair. Tumblr link: here!
  9. Well, I'd like to think I understand the dapper bastard's face now. Much, much better picture of Maxwell if I do believe so, one I'm still quite proud of. Tumblr link: here!
  10. Well, my buttocks have been firmly planted, so all is well! Kinda can't believe I haven't meandered over here sooner, but oh well. No time like the present!
  11. Oh golly, thanks so much! :'D Yeah, I've attempted adding colors to it now, but it's such an old piece that I keep seeing waayyyyy too many mistakes with it. XD And you should! He's seriously great practice, and yeah....his fashion sense makes him the top dog!
  12. Good 'ole Woodie. He's probably my favorite out of all the DS characters; half of that probably stems from my roommate who wears lots of plaid and has the biggest obsession with facial hair. But, I adore Woodie. He's a fun and quirky character, and I have a soft spot for suspenders. Okay. I just really love suspenders. Tumblr link: here!
  13. My card for the tarot deck project, the 9 of Wands. Featuring some version of WX on the throne, and a very glowy divining rod. I was doing this in the middle of my senior review for college, so things were nutty, but it still turned out really nice. Tumblr link: here!
  14. First piece of fanart I've done in years, this one's super old. Wanted to draw the dapper bastard that is Maxwell, but never did much more with it. Heavily tempted to redraw and paint, and then make a print of it. Still don't understand his face buuuuttttt whatever. Tumblr link: here!
  15. Well, I'm not much of a forum person, buuuttt I've been peeking out things a bit more lately and I figured it might be a good idea to mayhaps put up some of the art I've done over the past couple months. (I also want to get more posts so I can actually get an icon because having some blank thingy makes me uncomfortable.) You can find me at either: / / Hope you guys enjoy!
  16. Ace if you don't make a comic I will personally come assault you with a bird. Maybe two birds. ........and a log.