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  1. So the amount of time in the run went up from 14:30 seconds to 27:50 . That's quite excessive. Yeah we still failed but not because of lack of time
  2. Aww and we were so close to clearing this before the difficulty update. Well I am not willing to say I could have cleared it today without this update, but let's see how it goes with it ^^'
  3. Not really. You can be a fully effective Tank, Ranged Physical dps or even Ranged Magic dps with very little skill involved. Of course you still benefit from being good at combat but it's not necessary at all. You should most likely stay away from runner roles though as these are very important and do require skill
  4. So we are sticking with the fist shake emote as a reward for set completion? I thought this was just a placeholder. It's really not a very interesting reward, maybe we can at least make chicken dance as the special reward? Will be same quality of reward but at least feels better ;p (also I'm still hoping we'll get to buy boxes later on, as long as they are cheap they'd bring more money and be more thrilling for some people)
  5. I do not like the new names. None of them. Old ones were better
  6. I'm sorry if someone already noticed and shared this, but If you open the soure for the page we find Youtube video on you can find this : Adding Div ID for a code that short seems a bit suspicious to me, not to mention the abigvida written with altcodes? What programistic purpose would it serve? Edit: Oh... Apperently it can stand for A BigVid A... Edit2 : On the other note, the flower we see on the ground is definitively different kind of flower from the one Charlie had.
  7. So to sum up, for everyone who is asking about the feet of strength and if there is going to be first giant: 1 - The entire video has the spring music, and most can be recognized as being captured in spring. 2 - The feet of the spring giant was the main part of the spring giant's teaser. For me, it is simple what does that mean. - We are getting spring giant, hence the name of the update.
  8. So I know some o these things may ave been mentioned before - but that's what I found out in my 4 days of game play (Died to grue on day 4... Went to have a drink, I could swore my fire should last the entire night.) Anyways : First thing I found were Moles - Moles are cool, easy to hunt, but they steal all the rocks, you can retrieve them, but i they digest them over time, this may get problematic. Acorns! - Acorns are great, when cooked they restore 20 hunger, and fall every time you chop new tree ("It's all Leafy, most of the time" lol) . Way to Nerf them? Of course, just reduce the amount of acorns falling to one. This way you will have a choice, eat it, or plant a new Acorn tree. Wet meter - I hate rains even more than I did before. But simple umbrella and a fire should render player almost(!) immune to the rain effects. The torch does not help you dry. After some time of rain, or maybe rain meter everything becomes wet. Wet Garland will drain your sanity ! Endrotherminc fires are EVIL - I was just checking what will happen when I get soaked too much, and then about 80 of wet I created "one of these new fires". Yeah I had to run pretty fast and search for grass. I might have see something interesting that I didn't mention. But I don't remember now. So that'll be all for now.