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  1. You should edit the recipe, I know how and I'll do it myself, but you should change the boards to two twigs. As it looks like in the pictures. Also, no alchemy engine required? It doesn't take rocket science to tie sticks together. (I hope I do not get hate, as I was just stating my opinions.)

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  2. Haha, The immigrants try to kill me when i activate the wulfie+ mod

    Do I need Wule 1.4 to make that work? I tried SO hard to get it to work with 1.5! Also, why would the author remove Wulfe+? It sounded like a great mod!

  3. Carrots have already been added.With the new DLC came changes,so I've made a DLC version for you guys.Please read before using. 

    Afro, congrats on another great mod. XD I have almost all of your mods because I have no idea, soooooooo. Good job! ^^

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  4. That break the game,you have no brain

    What? You don't have a brain. 

    *Correct way of writing mizukisha's sentence*

    That breaks the game, you don't have a brain.




    Seriously, get a life. You couldn't make a better mod. I don't care if I sound mean at all!

  5. fffffffffff, costs sanity to recall? Oh, come on, it's not even reasonable that Abigail gets stuck in enemy mobs due to pathing. Time to mod the mod. *blarg*

    How'd ya do that? Please tell me, I really don't want to go insane calling back Abigail. :/