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  1. Any cerain crash? If not and it crashed in the mod menu, go to the modinfo.lua adnd change the API to 4.
  2. kittykatz


    That's where the rain hats come in! Duuuur! XD Actually, I don't really know if there is a hat on the vanilla version.
  3. Um, my modmain.lua is blank? Is it supposed to be? ;-;
  4. Well, every other character's eyes are white. Why not the worm's? XD
  5. что не очень приятно
  6. Go to the your don't starve folder, go to mods, go to the grouded camera folder then go to modinfo.lua. Scroll to the bottom, find API = 5 then change it to 4. That should help, being how descriptive I was. But, it could be confusing also! XD
  7. That's what I'm wanting to know. ;-; Maybe it's a personal mod? the top, I don't know. The bottom, it's called Always on Status and RPG HUD
  8. I think you could go to the modmain or info and change the wilson.whatever to wendy.whatever or willow.whatever. I'm trying to do that. XD But I'm too stuuuupid. XD EDIT: Got it! ^^
  9. I'm thinking there is a farmer on here. XD Should be if there isn't. XDDD
  10. DaggaSwiss, you would go to your don't starve folder, open up mods, open ALL of the mod's modinfo.lua and read until you find API_VERSION = 5 and change the 5 to 4. Hope I helped!
  11. Schimeget, go to "modinfo.lua" and change the API to 4.
  12. How do I install maps in All's Well that Maxwell? .o.
  13. 5 stars my dear friend! I've ALWAYS wanted to hit a rabbit with a rock. And... I've always wanted to hit that dumb pig king too. Luckily I have another mod for that. XD
  14. I was kind of sorta changing the heatrock thing. Why would we need heatrocks?