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  1. Minari

    why you have those button on top? like the go invincible ... what mods are you using?
  2. CampLight

    i wonder if you are the one who make the wikia for dont starve
  3. CampLight

    sorry for that i have been extracted to a new folder . it worked actually
  4. CampLight

    your update not work for all wells that maxwell
  5. Pets

    ohh the rabbit become so tiny ...
  6. How the **** do I find Wes

    in adventure mode through the maxwell door . if you really cannot find it try to type cheat (map reveal)
  7. Wisteria the Herbalist (BETA)

    where got candy ? i never see so far
  8. Damage Indicators

    why is it out of date?
  9. Crock Pot for Modders

    in my game the food out of the crock pot is always visible my version :"the stuff of the nightmare" i think yours also should be the same right?
  10. my mods had crashed and some is out of date only one mods i am able to use that is max stacks . my multiplayer mods that name "PL" is state there enable but i cannot use in the game i have tried to disable small texture before can anyone help please?
  11. i got it what you trying to said thanks .now i can play the mod already
  12. Wisteria the Herbalist (BETA)

    i like this really a masterpiece
  13. so that means you all have the same problem and just need to download the latest mods and abandon those which are out of date right ? thanks.
  14. Trick-or-Treat

    why it is crashed? my version is nightmare stuff