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  1. OFC it is. I mean clearly, look at how much load it's able to put on CPU. All it takes is dusty stock cooler and there you go.
  2. Oh this looks like a serious case of thermal throttling if ive ever seen one! Worse a bit but near same range result than my 3570k @ 4,2 GHz with ddr3 ram (@1600). I had like ~190 s. Wow!
  3. Has anyone, you maybe, been able to check how much of a difference does it make for oni to use 1Rx8 and 1Rx16 ram kits? What i mean exactly is tested by linus h e r e but not for ONI specifically!
  4. It is possible that xmp options are hidden in the OC part of settings and become apparent once you enable those. You can check it without saving changes by picking "exit and discard changes" when exiting, just to see if you even have the option to utilize xmp. I dunno why it's done like that but when buying a mem kit with a rather good parameters it's not always denoted clearly that those need you to have xmp support in you motherboard's bios for those cos they are in fact xmp. Anyway, GL!
  5. That's bcos your ram is running at this clock. Given ram set has a maximum performance it can run at (without overvolting and playing with real OC), mostly realized thru XMPs which are basically saved sets of parameters for it to run stable. Sorta like load function for "slight" overclocking done for you. You can "loosen" the memory setting by running it at lower frequency but tighter timings or just loosen it all for some sort of undervolting or something if you have overheating issues or something. The point is, if the memory which is supposed to run at 3200 MHz reports as 2933 it most likely runs at this clock. Tho windows might not respect your xmp for some reason so i suggest you double check in bios if it's enabled or DL cpu-z, it's a small diagnostic program.
  6. Time : 3:12 or 192 s [189 s with high perf power profile in windows] CPU : i5 3570k @ 4,2 GHz (OCed from stock 3,4) Graphics card : MSI gtx 970 --> https://www.techpowerup.com/gpu-specs/msi-gtx-970-gaming.b3077 RAM : DDR3 kingston hyperx 2x 8 GB KHX1600C10D3/8GX (XMP-1600 enabled) CAS : 10-10-10-27 1T HDD : Samsung 850 EVO 500 GB (sata III aka sata 600) Not bad i guess for a system this old.
  7. Thank you Klei! I think it's the 1st time in my life that I first noticed a performance fix (which gained me like 15 fps (45 back to 60) in the game itself, instead of reading about in a log and seeing basically zero difference. With ONI it was like "oh? How is the game so smooth now? They had to have made improvements!" Thank you again!
  8. Kinda glad mine is not the only lang in the world which tends to get the "iffy effect" aaaaanyway... not sure how far will i go but I'm done for the day. GL everyone.
  9. Yeah... Polish doesn't do well with synthetic words such as"Awaiting compostables". In order to not make it look totally awkward, i can do "waiting for things to decompose/decay/degrade" or maybe "awaiting things compost-generating"...
  10. Well i just might, got so little time lately tho
  11. Well if u need help with polish translation, im here
  12. Thank you for sharing all the juicy details. I am interested in that early look ;3
  13. Though i hope it will be a great DLC and price won't be too high. Thank you for the info Peace.