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  1. Thank you Klei! I think it's the 1st time in my life that I first noticed a performance fix (which gained me like 15 fps (45 back to 60) in the game itself, instead of reading about in a log and seeing basically zero difference. With ONI it was like "oh? How is the game so smooth now? They had to have made improvements!" Thank you again!
  2. Kinda glad mine is not the only lang in the world which tends to get the "iffy effect" aaaaanyway... not sure how far will i go but I'm done for the day. GL everyone.
  3. Yeah... Polish doesn't do well with synthetic words such as"Awaiting compostables". In order to not make it look totally awkward, i can do "waiting for things to decompose/decay/degrade" or maybe "awaiting things compost-generating"...
  4. Well i just might, got so little time lately tho
  5. Well if u need help with polish translation, im here
  6. Thank you for sharing all the juicy details. I am interested in that early look ;3
  7. Though i hope it will be a great DLC and price won't be too high. Thank you for the info Peace.