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  1. Kinda glad mine is not the only lang in the world which tends to get the "iffy effect" aaaaanyway... not sure how far will i go but I'm done for the day. GL everyone.
  2. Yeah... Polish doesn't do well with synthetic words such as"Awaiting compostables". In order to not make it look totally awkward, i can do "waiting for things to decompose/decay/degrade" or maybe "awaiting things compost-generating"...
  3. [Game Update] - 207683

    Well i just might, got so little time lately tho
  4. [Game Update] - 207683

    Well if u need help with polish translation, im here
  5. Thank you for sharing all the juicy details. I am interested in that early look ;3
  6. Though i hope it will be a great DLC and price won't be too high. Thank you for the info Peace.
  7. Does DLC mean we will have to pay for it?