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  1. I'd go with.. + Spawns 3 pieces of silk in his inventory every morning + Suffers no movement speed penalty when walking on webbing + Can use 3 silk to create a section of webbed flooring* + 3 Passive Sanity Regen per minute whilst standing still - Fruit and vegetables cause Sanity loss and restore no Hunger - Can't Sleep* - Is attacked on sight by Pigmen - Loses Sanity near fire* *The webbed flooring would be visually the same as the regular spider webbing you see around Spider Dens, and one section would be equal in size to the other flooring types. I took away his ability to sleep because spiders don't sleep, they just go into a sort of "standby" state kinda like your computer does when you leave it for long enough. That's also why I countered it with the sanity regeneration whilst stationary. His Sanity loss near fire would kinda be like the reverse of Willow's. Same range as Willows and I'd make it -10 per minute. Not overly debilitating, it would only really cause some Sanity loss whilst warming up in winter or cooking over a campfire/firepit. Seems balanced-ish to me but feel free to demolish it and or counter it with your own ideas. To be honest I think the webbed flooring thing is kinda obvious. I'd be surprised if they didn't already have that in mind a long time ago, because the practical applications for that would be endless. Imagine dropping web tiles all over a cluster of rabbit holes lol.