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  1. Cannot see entire screen!

    I am unable to see the entire game interface. changing resolution only made it worse or ridiculously small. I'm running OS 10.9 on a macbook pro with retina display.
  2. Bug: Stealing is not work on PC

    I was facing the same problem, and making sure to let go of 'E' before doing the right click thing worked just fine on the first try. Just do exactly - press E- release E- press RMB- swipe left- release RMB
  3. Show us your camp!

    Playing as Maxwell, I did basically nothing but every day run to the bee hives, catch bees and come back to my base. Since I lived in a pigman village, I deployed all of the bee traps at once. Afterwards, when the pigmen came over to the camp, CHAOS ERUPTED. In the end my camp burned down and winter came THE VERY NEXT DAY and i would have starved if not for the HUGE AMOUNTS OF PIG MEAT AND HONEY I procured and made some drying racks I WAS NOT EXPECTING THE WINTER and if not for your challenge i would definitely have died.
  4. yes i also agree this They are just awesome. Nice. This thropy is just as annonying as funny. They are making fun of everything. They are awesome in every piece. The best are of course puzzles, in my opinion. Congrats to everyone, who made all of these.