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  1. It's just changing a few values in the mnr.lua prefab, like from inst.components.hunger:SetRate(TUNING.WILSON_HUNGER_RATE*.7) [the bonus you put] to inst.components.hunger:SetRate(TUNING.WILSON_HUNGER_RATE*1.5) [one time and half the food comsumption of the standard] and from inst.components.sanity.neg_aura_mult = .3 [almost no sanity loss] to inst.components.sanity.neg_aura_mult = 2 [scared as hell from monsters, a few treeguards will get you mad] Wish I could help more, but I know nothing of coding, scripting and anything like that, so I can't, sorry
  2. Look, you created a great character, but you made it too OP, according to me. My suggestion is to take off the hunger rate bonus you added, or to put a malus there (a malus would be balanced, since he has larger stomach and eats spoiled freely), leave the reduced sanity drain from night (he sees in the dark, so no problem) and add a sanity drain malus to monsters (they HATE him, he's a renegade now, and he should know what will happen if an older friend of his gets near him...)