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  1. Pfft, Wes is so silly. What a babe! I really like cat Chester honestly, It's different from the doglike characteristics people give him. Just like how I see Glommer as a cat and I doubt anyone else does :'D Chill out with those bartender tricks Wilson, you're killing me over here.
  2. Nothing big to show here, but have some doodles from the RP blog!
  3. "Now I can take on the world!" New doodle from the RP blog.
  4. AHHHH WILLIAM WITH A SURFBOARD. What a dork, I didn't think it was possible to make him more of a dork but you did. And you draw a really awesome Maxwell! Excuse me while I drool over Willow some more.
  5. #1: What is your favorite Pokemon? Typhlosion! #2: Pokemon X or Y? X. I had to get that mega charizard. I had to. #3: What was your starter in Pokemon X/Y? (If you didn't play X/Y you can chose a different gen.) Froakie!! #4: What's your favorite Eeveelution? Sylveon. It's pink and cute and has bows made from flesh. #5: What was your first shiny? A Hydreigon. I don't excatly remember how I got ahold of it, it was some guide I found online. I've never found an in-game shiny before (excluding red gyrados of course). #6: Which was your first Pokemon game? My first game in the official line was Ruby. My first spin-off title was Pokemon Stadium.
  6. Have you heard? There's a rumor in Saint Petersburg~! *ahem* Anyway, I saw the photos of their tattoo on tumblr, it was so cool! It's great to hear they're helping you work on it! I got another friend addicted to your comic and now we're working on our own Modern AU haha That Wilson latte is adorablleeee and pfft I'd go to the bar every night just to see Wilson looking like that. Amazing work, keep it up ♥
  7. Thanks friend~ I scanned Moomin!Willow and Clopsy and added the colors with a multiply layer on SAI.
  8. Bekuno


    Ah you're right, the zombie said beheaded, not killed. My mistake. And I'm sure he deserved those eight bullets wounds. But good, good. I always like seeing this discussed. I read the segment aloud in speech class once and everyone looked horrified. But in the end Dave is still Dave, except he's not I only knew the answer because I saw an explanation for it elsewhere but I didn't know what the theory was called and if there was anything further on it, so many thanks for that friend!
  9. Bekuno


    It's fine, I'm on a diet anyway And well, I actually love riddles hehe Hmm okay I have one: Lets say you have an axe, nothing fancy just a cheap axe from the hardware store. You're using it to cut off a mans head. Don't worry about how that came to be. Anyway, on the last swing you splinter the axe and need a new handle. You deposit the body and get one from the hardware store (the reddish brown stains are just barbecue sauce, ok? Ok.). So now you have another handle, and you go home where you find a slug monster with a ton of teeth on your kitchen counter. You cut it in half with the axe but wind up chipping the blade pretty badly, so off you go again and get a new head for the axe. Alright your axe is completely fixed up again and everything is okay for awhile. But! The man you previously beheaded storms into your home with his previously detached head now sewn on with plastic weed trimmer. He points at your axe and declares it is the same one you had killed him with. Is he right?
  10. Yay welcome to the forums! I have to say you have a wonderful style and really, really love the way you draw the rabbits. Can't wait to see more!
  11. I'm hype for the new Borderlands games and DST pretty much Also pokemon
  12. Crossover doodles from my Willow blog. Oneeyedtwohornedwhitewilsoneater's style makes me think of Moomin sometime, so I drew Willow and Clopsy as Moomin characters
  13. //awkward coughing Hi hello I am Becca. I still sleep with stuffed animals and cut my sandwiches into the shape of dinosaurs. My profile claims im 17 but I'm actually a physically advanced five year old. Also Happy Birthday to W