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  1. Hi! Thanks much for the great mod! Im using many other mods and i dont have any problems with urs Atm im trying to get extra loot from ghosts, nightmarefuel and gear, 100% chance. Everythig i try doesnt work, game tells me mod doesnt work. (I have no idea of what i am doing, i just follow ur instructions in.txt and this thread;) my modmain looking like: Could you please right down the exactly way it has to look like? Greetings
  2. My first comment on this page just to say thank you very much for this great Mod! The game becomes much more interesting. Theres no problem with old savegames and ~20 other installed mod. After ~50 days playtime, balancing feels great (!) and it fits perfect the way it is. Loving this mod ! (Diablo feeling:) Vielen Dank!