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  1. i'll begrudgingly play maxwell to get tasks done faster, and as a result i end up playing as him for a good chunk of time. But when i get the chance, I like to play characters like wendy, wurt, winona, or webber.
  2. it'd actually be pretty interesting if wes got a lot more into decor and making stuff more pretty, kind of a natural evolution of how a few people only dare play him after they've got everything sorted out and are, as one says, Megabasing.
  3. i'm all for giving wes perks to make him more fun to play, but I'm not for making him less challenging. i'd say the idea of people hating on Wes is on the community, not the character, for the idea of a character purely meant to be challenging is something that not only still fits for multiplayer games, but also should be in games in general. Think of it this way, there is nothing in this game that a wes can't accomplish barring like, building a catapult or something. Theoretically speaking, a wes can contribute an awful lot to a team of characters, regardless of how he has no special ghost pals or hilarious 6-item crafting tab.
  4. i dont understand, winter has day times too, why would them being able to produce during dusk matter?
  5. An earnestly friendly reminder, you can edit the words of what you're quoting so as to not distract too much from the overall thread/make the page longer than it needs to be while still making others understand what you are responding to. i swapped to wolfgang for all of 3 days to kill dragonfly before instantly swapping back so as to avoid the hunger drain and get back to the characters i actually like to play, like winona you need to understand that swapping sounds like it makes characters bad to play on paper, but in actual practice and reality, doesn't break anyone and what you can do with the character still stands whether or not such things stay after swapping out of such a character
  6. this whole time i thought you were using it as a negative reaction kinda like this image
  7. The one I'm most fond of is the idea that Warbucks is the only known human to actually, simply, escape the constant. He found a way out from right under our noses, the scoundrel. Home Sea Home content only exists because Woodlegs had a very brief encounter with the throne before Wilson got to it Any human in the constant is 100% capable of building basically anything at any time, it's just that nobody's actually thought to build x or y thing yet. most All modded content is lore-wise a hypothetical scenario in which you, the mod creator, sat on the throne.
  8. This is fair, but I should note that you need not actually ever feed the beefalo in order to tame it/maintain such tameness. Riding it just does as much in the domestication department. Nonetheless it does help, just saiyan. i am happy to say that it appears that the damage benefits apply to the beefalo if you eat it (not if you feed it to the beef)
  9. why? woby is real cruddy beefalo, if that's what you're implying. I'd say wolfgang benefits the least, if anything.
  10. I was thinking about this earlier, i think my answer'd be maxwell and wendy, since for maxwell the beefalo is a huge damage buffer compared to his default 75 hp, and for wendy you can do upwards of 100 damage per attack with a regular ornery beef with no war saddle.
  11. if we are taking into account deconstruction and construction then the napsack has infinite uses
  12. I appreciate how "intense" webbers is. Shame they made his yawn waaaay too quiet. wurt and winona's are nice too, i suppose.
  13. 1: sorry for not responding to your response to my response, I'm kinda busy and don't really have the brain power to read and intelligently respond to such things atm lol 2: holy crud. legitimately, holy crud. That is such amazingly useful knowledge and I am so so happy that you mentioned it. I can finally domesticate beefalo in endless servers without fear!!!! P.S.: does the beefalo unload if you disconnect while right next to it?
  14. i kept telling myself "no, I can guess what the prefab to a wobster is, I don't need to go to the wiki!" Who the heck names their lobsters "wobster_sheller_land"????
  15. You would not be so sure of this if you saw the stuff that has gotten hidden over time