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  1. 12 minutes ago, Spearowgilly said:


    Why only add items, when u can do cool things related to beefalos.

    I feel reluctant to change things purely for the sake of changing things...and i feel like basically everything with regards to beefalo outside of taming is exactly how it should be. And with taming, as someone who tames beefalo incredibly frequently especially compared to the average player, i get the feeling that some of the problems that people have with beefalo is either like, intentional and subsequently part of the "charm" of beefalo, or like something that shouldnt have an incredibly straight forward solution as people seem to want it to...

    Things like giving a beefalo a stats bar with domestication and health stats, i dont like. I think that could be handled differently, like for example giving a beefalo different animations depending on if you're about to be bucked off or if the beefalo is low-ish hp. This is however unnecessary, since the player could just check manually if its rideable or seeing the overlay the beefalo gets if its below a certain threshold of hp. 

    I feel like if you would change anything about the beefalo short of giving it items, it would just be to let it disconnect with the player. Salt licks are entirely manageable to acquire and use, 2 of them stave off beefalo domestication loss for a whopping 30 days. The problem occurs when the player plays on a dedicated server. The player must perform an exploit of beefalo sleeping behavior in order to avoid building something like 40 salt licks just to let the beefalo stay domesticated for the night so they can sleep. I hate it. 

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  2. 41 minutes ago, SharraShimada said:

    Cannot confirm that. I often run into pockets of nat gas > 20kg/tile on regular maps. Not that often with other gases. And i´m sure, when it comes to CO² there are too such pockets, but i did not notice, because its just not as glowing bright as nat gas.

    Nat gas doesnt spawn naturally in biomes. That was a vent spawn, and even then i highly doubt it was 20kg naturally, as a ng vent overpressures at something like 4kg.

    Highly doubt co2 as well.

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