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  1. night during winter begins the entire base's population around the campfire:
  2. Could someone record a dupe using the soda fountain im not at home for another 4 hours
  3. why do you keep leaving communities because you lose an argument, people don't hate you if you're wrong about these kinds of things
  4. Your name is WILSON. As was previously mentioned, you are trapped in the CONSTANT. A number of REEDS are safely kept within your Captchalogue. You have a variety of INTERESTS. You have a passion for SCIENCE. You like to do science but you are NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. You have a fondness for TINKERING WITH MACHINES, but are also, NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. You also like to hang out with your FRIENDS sometimes. You have just came back from a mission Wickerbottom had sent you on to get more reeds for her books. What will you do?
  5. It looks like burt's hat is not inside the helmet with him.
  6. Didnt you guys change the name of "tune up for what?" To "finely tuned"?
  7. Really happy with this super simple outfit using my only woodie skin.
  8. i like to think that an hourly search for any mention of the word warbucks is conducted by the klei devs, just to be safe.
  9. day 30: land bridges between islands still haven't been fixed or made less apparant :pensive:
  10. i think you need to pick some flowers, friend. Otherwise, Cool update!
  11. day 90: still cant apply skills through any kind of debug mode
  12. i'd imagine being hit by a hunk of metal running towards me would do slightly more damage than being hit by a hunk of meat
  13. I'm so dead....I have to like, think of how to do EVERYTHING differently