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  1. 3 hours ago, Technoincubus said:

    Metal diet is the reason I will never even touch them. Ever. Even on maps with metal abdurance. They are simply not viable for farming. First thing I do when i see one  is kill all slugs, so they won't eat precious metal. No matter what they produce, metal diet will outweight anything positive they may have. 

    my old swamp map has 50 tons of cobalt after copious spending of it...spending a couple tons of that on slugs really wont hurt you, i swear...

    3 hours ago, Technoincubus said:

    Who ever used that? I mean it is ages and ages easier to wait for an egg and just hatch airborne critter than to assemble a path of this useless buildings. It is maybe THE most useless building in the game.

    i agree with this, I wish that the airborne critter bait wrangled the critter upon it falling for it, to compete with just spamming critter dropoff...

    3 hours ago, Technoincubus said:

    Bath tub

    trying to fit into that tiny interval of temperatures is, in my experience, never worth the effort.


    something you will come to learn with ONI is that there is a solution to practically any tubs become infinitely more manageable if you put them in a small amount of liquid to increase their thermal capacity. I run hot tubs every colony that has chlorine vents because it is so easy...


    3 hours ago, Technoincubus said:

    Grilling skill

    It is just lacking. Even mid-game you can produce so many food that even with 0 cooking you can supply almost every base. It is not even a requirement for Gas Stove

    I agree that the grilling skill is lacking, but not for this reason at all...i think the cuisine skill doesnt make big enough of an impact on cooking speed, the absolute max is only i believe 100% extra speed....

    3 hours ago, Technoincubus said:

    Lack of early-to-mid energy generation

    You are either stuck with hamster wheels or forced to rely on geysers, because coal or wood are not guaranteed in most biomes or are wasted in a few cycles. There are no intermediate power generation options. Slugs eat metal, so are worthless. Petroleum and natural gas are late-game solutions.

    you outright refuse to use one of the power options and then complain about lack of power options....

    3 hours ago, Technoincubus said:

    Sweetle and Gubgrub

    They eat Slphur. The end. Limited resource and unsustainable critter.

    my friend...have you ever heard of sour gas boilers?

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  2. 5 hours ago, thegroundbelow said:

    Aren't morbs really inefficient for oxygen production, though? Like, if you have 20 dupes, you need well over a hundred morbs to support them, which rather kills one's FPS.

    Morbs produce 200g whenever they sense that the pressure is below 1000g. You can get plenty of poxygen from them if you just stick them in a room with a gas pump connected to an atmo sensor.

  3. 34 minutes ago, JRup said:

    The AETN is currently built out of iron. I would have appreciated if they had built it out of copper (because copper shiny!). These can be deconstructed.

    Neural vacillators are indeed made out of neutronium and cannot be deconstructed (without mods).

    i dont mean what they're literally made of...I mean that lore-wise, they use something that the duplicants would never be able to get their hands on...its kind of a miracle that dupes miraculously find vacillator batteries just...around in space. 

    I'd like it if we could construct makeshift replicas (think porta pod) of the vacillator and maybe even the AETN..but not just the originals that you find around the map.

  4. I got so happy when i saw the sublimation station, because i ranch pufts often and a hurdle for them is trying to get a good way to offgas po2 material for them to eat. But it turns out that the sublimator is only capable of sublimating polluted dirt, so i cannot use it to sublimate something like slime or polluted water like one normally does for pufts, so its only good for maybe starting it up, so you can slowly transition over to morbs.

    Could one possibly make it so you can select different items to be delivered to the sublimator for sublimating? It would make puft ranching just that little bit easier.

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  5. 7 minutes ago, Satyrical364 said:

    Dear God... do you guys even read? The last two posts are people tossing out inane one-liners telling me things I already acknowledged. 

    I've clearly already switched to normal difficulty. This thread is about the balance being off for hard difficulty. Compared to the base game, this DLC starter biome does not provide adequate calories compared to other starting biomes. 

    Klei clearly do not intend for mush bars to be the go-to strategy, which leads me to believe this was perhaps just not considered. I'm hoping this thread will be seen by them and they take the feedback. 

    20-40 cycles of maintenance, pumping out bars, waiting for seeds, and being unable to do anything else, is horrific game design. 

    Hopefully the next reply will be constructive...

    The thing about it is that there is a clear line to success for those who are willing to do it, and to me that is all you need to account for with regards to max difficulty, especially since its not the default. I do not think that the game putting you through the wringer and squeezing as much out of you as it can when you're literally flipping asking for the most it can throw at you, is in fact, bad game design. Its like asking someone to punch you in the face as hard as they can, and being surprised and complaining about it when you need to go to the ER afterwards

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