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  1. I'm referring to the animation that plays when a dupe administers a cure to a sick dupe that's in this disease clinic building.
  2. @watermelen671 may you please show me the animation that a dupe uses when they're administering a cure through the disease clinic? not the actual dupe being cured, but the dupe giving the cure? I won't be encountering zombie spores any time soon again so I'd like to see the animation here.
  3. 100%, any projects that happen to come out after the fact are Extremely unrelated and at most would only share few ideas.
  4. i am satisfied with hamlet on most fronts but there're a few things that i wish were in it like a way to get to and from other islands without having to play wagstaff or go through ruins, stuff like that
  5. WAHOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! YAHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. what if warbucks spent his last money and finally revealed his true identity; the horseman of war
  7. once the pig with the pig belt shows up you'd be much better off killing him than wasting 3 meats on him. This doesn't change the drop rate and how many resources it takes to get a good farm going, so i'd still consider krampus farming to be much less bad. Otherwise, a 1% drop rate is the type of drop rate you see lots of playthroughs go completely without actually triggering. I'd like to play this minigame once without having to spawn in a belt, you know?
  8. krampus has a 1% chance for krampus sack. Pigs have a 1% chance for pig belt. so in that sense you've equal chances to get a krampus sack from krampus as you do pig belts from pigs. Krampus, under a good team (actually just a team with a wickerbottom/maxwell) can be farmed relatively easily with a million birds of the world and a good setup. You can get like 30-60+ krampus spawning this way in one go, and these bird books can be farmed VERY easily [they're 2 eggs, 2 paper] if you have access to a good reed farm and meat. Pigmen, with the proper setup, can be farmed once every 1 day per pig house if you don't kill them, and unless you wanna spend an Awful lot of resources, you'd only be able to get like 10-15 spawning every one of those days, which is also taking away a lot of potential meat that you could get by killing them instead, which is forego'd for optimal pig belt chances. IMO, krampus farming with a person who can read books is much easier and is much better time spent than stinky pig belt farming and it should really be changed quick.
  9. note that they also are "above", in terms of graphical laying, the tube covering
  10. the balloon is left outside, and it's static (as in not doing any animations) so it just looks weird this way
  11. rHtZ6tSG9t.mp4 You dont need to be on the ocean for the bug to occur The invisibility stays until you move or are bucked off by the beefalo