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  1. 13 minutes ago, Sasza22 said:

    I expected the dlc to be just like shipwrecked. Same basic mechanics but a different world. I think they should have just marketed it a bit more clear so it`s obvious that it`s a lot different while still being the same game. But unlike shipwrecked where it`s obvious you are in the tropics and everything works differently in ONI explaining that isn`t that easy. The best they could do was making an animation where the asteroid falls apart and dupes try to rebuild their bases while travelling between the parts.

    I go back and forth. To me, the concept of having to make rockets to sustain (pretty short, really) distances between asteroids paralles sorta neatly with the way shipwrecked separates most of its content between a barren ocean that you must traverse. 

    But at the same time, the ONI DLC feels much like RoG, where these mechanics feel like they should've been this way all along, and the DLC is just what the game needs to feel, at least more, complete. and in that, I feel like the concept of the DLC being separate to the base game is very silly.

  2. It was noted in the discord that the consuming of bleach stone for hot tubs doesn't decrease further if there are multiple duplicants in the tub....and that gave me an idea!! 


    behold...the second use of the duplicant checkpoint!! All that it does is wait for 4 duplicants to pile onto the weight plate (activate if above 119 kg) and then allow all dupes into the tub, in order to make the most out of the bleach stone...It has been said that without any interruptions, the tub will consume 10kg~15kg per use...

    The only place in which this matters is either in a map with very low output chlorine vents (that is if you ranch squeaky pufts, which im pretty sure only I do) or in the DLC where chlorine vents haven't yet been added to generation and subsequently if you do hot tubs, you must conserve bleach stone as much as possible...I'm just happy that theres a use for the checkpoint!!

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  3. On 12/8/2020 at 7:11 PM, psusi said:

    "Whenever" is not 5 times per second... I don't think it's even once a second.  Even under ideal conditions, you still need TONS of morbs to produce very much PO2.  If you are out of slime on the map, then you can use a few dozen morbs to feed a few pufts to produce the minimal amount of slime you need to grow half a dozen mushrooms, but beyond that... I can't see them as a viable source of oxygen, unless you are trying to survive without using any geysers at all, and even then, you're going to need like 100 of them to support 8 or 10 dupes.  I've had much better luck feeding pufts from two po2 geysers than from a mass of morbs, and po2 geysers don't put out much.

    feeding pufts is definitely their intended purpose, and I myself use them that way. But logistically, it definitely feels like to me that they can be used as duplicant air production too, even if its not the most efficient thing in the world when it comes to framerate. The mechanisms that I build for producing morbs for the sake of puft feeding can basically just run forever once I've set them up, infinitely spawning morbs. So the idea of having a hundred of them doesn't seem like too far off of a possibility.

    On 12/10/2020 at 4:20 PM, psusi said:

    Well, yes, you do need gold amalgam... isn't that available on every world?  I haven't tried them all yet.

    to my knowledge, asteroids without the swamp (err, marsh with the DLC) biome are subsequently without gold amalgam, so you'd need to skip straight to steel on those.

  4. 11 minutes ago, babba said:

    I recently started to play the game a few months ago and got excited about the dlc, expecting to test it with the full game content.

    Getting excited and then disappointed normally does not create human happiness.

    In the past this was the way Klei operated with their free updates. Past updates: Full game content + new content for testing.

    I would have preferred to not hear update news from Klei and then have an well worked out surprise launch of the update in Summer 2021, 


    but, my this not very close to full game content...? i repeat that the only things that are really missing are geysers and space stuff that has sorts of replacements anyway, and some radiation stuff that for all intents and purposes, is very disconnected from the rocketry stuff and you should treat it as a separate upgrade to it...

    The way that klei operated with this DLC is very very similar to how they operated with previous upgrades...there was a testing period and then implementation into the game, and I think that they will very soon add even more stuff to the package with the testing cycle as well...

    I do not say all of this stuff in the pursuit of winning an argument, I say this because I want you to enjoy the DLC and even more, enjoy the thrills of an update cycle to come, and I think all you need to do for that is to shift your perspective about the situation... :joyous:

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  5. 7 minutes ago, babba said:

    Perhaps we have to agree to disagree, my statement will remain for me:

    I expected an DLC, as expansion of a main game - Whereas I can play or test the main game with dlc content, which expands the main game.

    ...Similar to the past ONi ( free ) updates.

    Having two different opinions is ok in life :adoration: (i never stated this wasn't the case)

    I`m pretty sure that the final rebuild of the base game by Summer 2021 will be fun to play.

    i am so confused in what you are trying to say here...are you just upset that you don't get to play your old saves with the DLC content on?

  6. 1 minute ago, babba said:

    Would be nice to have an main game expanding dlc which has all rockets, all buildings, all creatures, all geysirs, the promised radioactivity ...and so on in it :biggrin-new: Summer 2021 will be nice.

    the way this is phrased makes it seem like you're trying to play a "gotcha!" card on me but i don't see how what you've mentioned here contradicts what was stated by the devs

  7. 7 minutes ago, babba said:

    I expected a DLC, an expansion of a main game - Whereas I can play or test the main game with dlc content, which expands the main game.

    ...Similar to the past ONi ( free ) updates.

    99% of main game content is already in DLC worlds, the only things I think are missing as of now are certain geysers, and a bunch of space stuff. I deeply expect both of those things to be remedied within due time. 

    If you were like, expecting to be able to just load up previous base game saves on DLC, you were being unrealistic, sorry to say.

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  8. 10 minutes ago, aresd said:

    Let's stop this discussion already, I'm tired of this negative. I expressed MY personal opinion on this forum, but they attacked me and began to strangle me, as if criticizing the developers here is a taboo and is the basis for the shooting. Calm down, breathe deeply and if you all do not like my messages, add me to ignore or just pass by.

    the problem with YOUR personal opinion is that it is unreasonable, and that is what is constantly being expressed. there can exist unfair or unjustified criticism, and me along with many others find that you complaining about the game being in early access rather than release even though they stated their seemingly changing plans, is unreasonable. Can you understand why we could possibly think that without thinking that we're bootlickers?

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  9. Last night I managed to create this strange design for sleet wheat farming that utilized a cold slush geyser...


    Its nothing special internally...but I think this is the first time i've ever seen a sleet farm that takes advantage of how it is only 1 tile tall...Do any of you have better designs that utilize this property of wheat?

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