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  1. wortox was spawned from the dirt not birthed by any living being
  2. the second one is probably an oni animated short for the upcoming upgrade LOL
  3. this is completely fine, but i personally am gonna winge and complain to myself about how a presumably pretty good portion of the posts on the forums from now on are going to have to be crudily translated with google translate if i want to read them, let alone try to participate in them
  4. Conveyor sensors are close....i can SMELL them....
  5. CONVEYOR SENSORS! CONVEYOR SENSORS! CONVEYOR SENSORS! also pls make sweepy work without direct access to his charging port
  6. pls make it so sweepy can function without direct pathing access to his port
  7. these problems are things that are solved so incredibly easily without sweepy that i can't find a use for him in the game, it's not good for a feature to be completely useless in any state of the game. Even if your case was correct here, I wouldn't want sweepy to literally have one singular case in which he was useful and completely useless everywhere else. if your dupes are legitimately constantly dropping rocks, then i strongly, strongly recommend that you either give your dupes atmosuits so they stop running back to catch their breath and subsequently dropping whatever they're holding, install auto sweepers so the rocks actually get picked up, or just make storage bins and print dupes of which their only purpose is to sweep up rocks automatically. Sweepy is not good for anything and this case you've been bringing up over and over in where dupes seemingly randomly drop rocks when it comes to break time is something that can be solved more efficiently and easily (since dupes can reach everywhere instead of 1 flat plane) by much more simple and perhaps more helpful overall solutions. you literally can't even have closed doors with sweepy since the second he can't path back to his dustbin he stops functioning. I don't understand why you show so much resistance to something that even if what you said was completely valid,literally has one singular use, being better.
  8. i tried to set up a sweepy to even pick up the coal from the hatches but my dupes are doing that faster than the sweepy can by just picking it up off the floor
  9. have your dupes gained sentience and drop rocks everywhere or something
  10. auto sweepers have a 10x10 (or was it 9x9?) range around them in which they can pick up like a literal ton of stuff with each swing. sweepy has a 32x1 tile range in which he picks up 10 kg each tile and can only put the stuff in his dustbin, and from there you need an autosweeper or duplicant to put it somewhere else. sweepy probably takes more power too when he takes 240watts sleeping/charging for something like 3 blocks of the day. The only thing I could think of that sweepy could do better than autosweepers in his current state is sweep up food from the mess hall when dupes leave it on the ground, but wait, sweepy can't pick up food, so sweepers are still better. sweepy also cannot be disinfected by duplicants, so if he picks something germy, it gets on everything else he picks up as well. I don't know what to tell you, sweepy really needs to be buffed to have literally any use that isn't just "put on floor watch him pick stuff up for a few cycles LOL" but a duplicant/autosweeper could do that better.
  11. sweepy can't reach upwards or jump, so i'd say still much less practical than an auto sweeper
  12. Sweepy is a cute little thing, but I feel he isn't really useful as of testing build AP-395444-D. The use I can see in sweepy is it's namesake. What i've been trying to get it to be useful for is picking stuff up in an automated way. However the vast majority of applications I can think of for sweepy to do this in, an autosweeper can do better. With the new update disallowing sweepy to be disconnected from his port, there is literally no way to have sweepy function in another room that isn't his home base. This limits sweepy's function even more, as theoretically you could've had him sweep up something like eggs (though sweepy cannot pick up them) and then be returned to home base, effectively allowing sweepy to clean up ranches without needing the mechatronics skill. Sweepy also cannot wash his hands, so any germs he gets will get on anything he touches. Sweepy cannot pick up food either, so he cannot be used in farms. Sweepy cannot be configured to only pick up certain things. I reiterate, Sweepy is cute, but he is not useful for basically any task that isn't literally just sweeping the floor, but a sweeper could do that better. The jobs that sweepy could have possibly done to help the player get to them quicker without mechatronics skill (sweeping eggs out of a room, sweeping food out of a farm) are things that sweepy is locked off from doing. I wholeheartedly suggest that sweepy get his capabilities increased, [able to pick up and store food and eggs], and that he gains weight so he can trigger pressure plates.
  13. just drop a lightbulb on your feet like a normal person
  14. nobody: absolutely noone: player when they win a rat race:
  15. The trick is to recycle cheap elegant/heirloom distinguished on the community market to weave whatever you want to get. In that way, yes, i have bought a couple winona skins