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  1. this is you asking someone why they shockingly don't support being intentionally un-inclusive in your language, do you not see the problem with that? You know exactly why there is an issue and this reply comes off as a dumb "gotcha!" moment when in reality its just wasting everyones time and makes you look really bad since you're putting up this much of a fuss as a result of someone just asking you to use the appropriate pronouns for the situation
  2. use ice staff to interrupt, i think? crab king is an infuriating boss, expect to take multiple tries before coming even close to beating him.
  3. I was waiting for night to pass, those endless servers can be so mean
  4. It got fixed ages ago...maybe its just on the testing branch?
  5. I was thinking about the library lunar-y place and thinking about the public reception it got. It makes me wonder how people feel about it as well as the atrium. I haven't been to the atrium legitimately more than a handful of times, but when I was there I found it to be a pretty interesting experience, and I enjoyed how it seemed as if a place that I could go multiple times for more reward. In contrast to this is the library, where after your first visit if you know what you're doing, you're pretty much done and over with and you never have to visit that place ever again. I really wish this was different, I wish that the fountains of knowledge could maybe sometimes contain blueprints to things in crafting tabs, so i would have some sort of reason to camp out there and grind out recipes, or something. How do y'all feel about it?
  6. when i was playing walter, i found it pretty useful but all the same pretty slow and kinda cumbersome to use.
  7. you get pinged if you're looking at the thread and a new reply happens
  8. As in, didn't used to have them but now does like how we have roseate, or still just doesnt have GOH skins?? thats kinda sad if the 2nd one
  9. Could you elaborate on this? I looked up stuff about it and what I found was that there was incredibly thorough anti-cheat checks running through the epic games launcher, checking DLLs and certificates as well as data collection that...seems to be relevant to the game launcher?? If the privacy policy page on epic games isn't straightup lying (it might be but i dont think it is to be honest), the data that they collect are technical information about your computer, as in hardware specifications and software such as browsers, usage information about interaction with epic games such as visiting their websites and activity there, crash reports, and the location of your device derived from your ip address. and this, sssssseeeeeemmmsss innocent enough, especially since it appears as if epic games gives you the choice to opt out, similarly to how DST does? Is there something i'm missing here that you could shine light on...?
  10. are you...absolutely, completely, entirely sure that tencent will continue to allow you all creative control and proper time to do things, continuing on? A large concern i have heard and feel myself is that tencent will become more restricting as time goes on...
  11. this is one of the few cases where it might actually matter whether or not you're on console, since the culture surrounding cooperative play could be pretty different there, but in my experience, the vast majority of players are friendly enough...the worst thing most of them can be is base-sitters, rather than full on destroying or torching structures...
  12. This makes some sense to me logistically. Wx-78 likely thrives in caves (more specifically, ruins) due to the plentiful gears that they can chow down on for a pretty long time, and later on can achieve infinite light, provided they have a friend and are willing to go to the surface for a moment. Boats, however, I'm not suuuper sure about. At least, in my experience, the problem with living on boats tends to be finding food, not having enough food for it to start going stale. :P Pretty neat that this person is playing this character enough to find places where they specifically thrive!
  13. Are their stat boosts a big deal..? I think the 400 health would make a sizeable difference for tanking, but personally, I kind of frown upon doing that, kiting is more engaging for me. I agree that their downside is nonexistent, I think that the rain should do a little more to them :P You could maybe explore the map fast, but like, couldn't you do this anyway in a short amount of time?? Again, this is maybe more of a personal thing, but one of the very very first things I do is explore as much of the map as I can, and as a result get an awful lot of it down. I think anyone could get a saddle and a beefalo up and running and go FASTLY to explore the map as quick as can be. All of this is a very long winded way of saying that I think that many of wx-78's perks are like...not actually that useful, at least when I play...the winter one actually sounds very nice, but the speedboost and stat buffs i just find to be not all that useful. Thats just my experience with them.
  14. How is wx-78...overpowered...? they can raise their stats really high and, provided you have a friendly wickerbottom, get immunity to winter + light/speedboost...This sounds overpowered on paper (i think..) but I feel like things like winter & light are things that the player would already have pretty sorted out with minimal resource expendature by the time that the team is organized enough to perform a large amount of end is nighs, and like, after a certain amount of speed, you sort of stop having too large of an advantage from it.. This is coming from someone who finds playing as wx-78 pretty boring to begin with, so maybe i'm biased...
  15. this thread makes me sad because even if in OP's case it is indeed because of mods, I would still really really like for DST to become 64-bit just for the sake of having things run that little bit smoother in general
  16. Ever since I was a small child, I always wanted to see a mutant crab grandma catch a fish. Klei has teased me for too long in fulfilling this desire, we need to push them to finally correct this.
  17. if you somehow get rid of the rocket control station, you can replace it like a normal building. This concept made me think of this rocket, which just barely fits the bare minimum necessary to sustain duplicant life. The idea is to put oxylite (perhaps polluted dirt would work as a makeshift substitute?) into the loader and somehow put food on the ground whether it be by deconstructing a building and placing an auto dispenser temporarily, or by temporarily setting the loader to sweep only and putting food in that way. One would either need to periodically mop the floor to rid of any bathroom breaks the duplicant may take, or alternatively cool the oxylite coming in to the point where the pee freezes.
  18. it'd be awful nice to be able to gather the kelp without having to get the stuff for a boat, but otherwise, i kind of feel this is a bit needless...isn't her being able to just jump off of boats with no penalty enough...?