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  1. i said but this idea that it's a hint makes enough sense to me i suppose. it's kind of disappointing, but oh well.
  2. The one and only function of the moon pedestal in terms of staffs is to just turn the star caller's staff into the moon caller's staff. But you can put fire staffs and ice staffs in there too, it just doesn't do anything? Why is this a thing that you can do if nothing happens?
  3. 1. before this change, wendy wasn't a super hard character to begin with dude, she was just At Her Best when she was lower hp, you would do pretty decent abby damage just at half and you could have a football helmet on from there. the different in this change isn't from hard to easy, it's from interesting to Veritably less interesting and lower of a skill ceiling, since now theres no point in getting low health. 2. her character select screen says that because she gets less sanity penalty from night/dusk, it's not referencing hugging abigail to get through the night :I
  4. hmmm yes today i will lower the skill ceiling for a character purely because i want to play this character specifically and no other one that may be easier for me
  5. so now instead of risking death you just spend materials :')
  6. really really dissappointing to hear that the reason they took out a more interesting mechanic that could be worked with using strategy like Kiting to make the most out of with something that is much more rigid
  7. why return back to the day cycle based damage :/
  8. @ the original post, i would be extremely upset if mainline content was made to be some crossover between oni and dst
  9. - willow Im pretty sure the survivors are doing all that human stuff, just, uh, Offscreen.
  10. far cry is a 64 bit game, dst is not, and therefore can only take up around 4gb of ram. Id love for it to be 64 bit, but it isnt. So its a matter of getting good computing innards that can work around that. Stuff like good processors. Sorry ta tell ya, but if you're lagging to heck in this game its either because of your computer or the fact that you have 50+ mods on
  11. None of the foods listed are noob traps, but you should absolutely keep an eye on the supplies they're consuming until you've got a renewable source of it. Out of those things you've listed, waterweed is one of the most versatile (as in it'll take you an awfully long time to run out of the stuff it needs if you keep digging) foods out there, but not super good in quality. Mushrooms, and thereby fried mushrooms, are slightly less versatile, but better in quality. Take your pick.
  12. It's my belief that if a monster character spawns in any sort of urban setting, they are immediately equipped with shamlets. Under this idea, wurt could easily fool the feeble minded humans and begin working a 12 to 8 job to buy potted plants and quickly consume them. Past that I have no real objections to your statements here.
  14. what if she is at first helped by 2 friendly plumbers?
  15. Imagine a scenario in which Wurt found some form of teleportation device and wound up within the real world, preferably Brooklyn. Noticing a distinct lack of swamp anywhere around her (due to the urban setting), she resolves to begin a hostile merm takeover in the surrounding environment. This unlocks her hidden thirst for power, and thus she slowly takes over the entire Earth, continent by continent. How long approximately would it take for her to take over all of the united states? all of humanity? Would her abilities suit this? My Answer, is that it would take her approximately 70 HY's (Human Years) to complete her Turf Takeover. Thinking about it, it's simply a matter of exponential growth. Of course, the first few years of Wurtisms would be rather slow, and she would have to work a 9 to 5 job to simply pay the bills and feed her Merms. Though as her lifetime savings slowly grows, she will be able to invest in higher and higher tier Merm Kings, which will allow her merms to slowly crawl through city blocks, tearing down skyscrapers. After a few HYs of taking down the surrounding cities and replacing them with swamp turf, Wurt will likely have accumulated the necessary crock pots to keep her and her merm army alive Indefinitely. So the rest of the time is simply a matter of tearing down city blocks and placing swamp turf. However this is a rather gargantuan task, so it will likely take Wurt a while. Assuming she spawned in Brooklyn, she'll spend a good few decades to slowly expand westward until she hits kansas, to which she will swiftly turn north and knock out all of Canada in one fell swoop. From there she will make a southwestward diagonal turn to finish off all of the United States, taking up another 30 or so years. From there it'll be pretty smooth sailing, knocking out pretty much all of South America in one or two years. From there Wurt will be basically a god now, so it'll only take a couple hours before the entire rest of the world falls. But that is just my vision for it, I'd like to hear y'all'ses.
  16. pizza tower...... the above picture is a 3 frame gif of "Samy Marman" retrieving a bowl from her freezer, for my webcomic on mspfa, Cool And New Friends. This gif doesn't look like much, but oh there is a catch. I have never made a gif before. At least, It has been long enough for me to forget literally all steps of it. So i think to myself "hmm i will make it in" but my dear friends looking at this art thread. it is not that simple. does not support gif making no matter how many plugins that say that you install. So i save all of the 3 frames of that picture as 3 different images, and load them into gimp. But oh, it will not be that simple. Gimp, while previously being able to make gifs, does not anymore. At least, mine does not, because there is no gif extension to export the gif as. so as a last resort i go to my gif editing website, ezgif, and just make it entirely there. I deeply fear making another gif.
  17. just gonna throw this out there that from my perspective it is extremely unlikely that they are going to reveal a crudload of wendy lore for her short, it'd be a nice surprise for them to reveal something as huge as how abby died or something like that, but i think that y'all should go with what i'm doing and keeping my expectations for it low, so if they choose to reveal absolutely nothing like they did with woodie, you aren't as let down.
  18. you got me royally screwed up if you honestly think that merms, some of the best minions you can get in the game, can do nothing worthwhile. They are better fighters than the other 3 types of minions excluding maxwell's (rabbitmen only beat them imo if you have like a million of them on your side) and can resource gather just as good as pigs. wurt's minions, due to their speed, kiting ability, and usefulness for resource gathering, contribute lots to a successful colony/base of people. Wurt is a character that revolves around minions to be good, and her minions are Good.
  19. ummm then come up with a better explanation stutid
  20. wurt doesnt suffer any real consequences from taking a dip and says "had good swim!" afterwards so does this mean literally everyone else just doesnt know how to swim and thats why they suffer consequences to stuff like health from going into water