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  1. 21 minutes ago, gaymime said:

    grow in the right season, be watered at least once and not be super stressed. if you do not touch it then you are not guaranteed a seed

    watered once...its not not touching it at all but its so minimum it might as well be...

    22 minutes ago, gaymime said:

    also congrats on birds only dropping the exact seeds you needed since day 1

    I....guess? Ive been able to get sufficient toma root and potato seeds so often that i get the feeling that they are common plants...

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  2. 6 minutes ago, gaymime said:

    actually you do not always get the seed back. you have to actively do the bare minimum of care

    does just having it grow in the right season count as bare minimum? if so its basically nothing 

    6 minutes ago, gaymime said:

    some of her crops were giant

    what is "some"? was all of her harvests giant but then some failed? My typical autumn harvest consists of a million billion fully giant harvests of 4 potatos and 4 tomatos each "square"

  3. 14 minutes ago, gaymime said:

    my friend ran her farm every day for about two weeks irl to see her output and it showed me a lot. she only played for a couple hours at a time but it was a good run and she did it again for a little less than 5 days in a shared dedicated server to see if she could manage without spawning seeds or fertilizers which was a lot slower but did show that the same upward tick of output for the same input was occurring even with the extra effort

    was she growing giant crops? how long was this actually ingame? what was her output, compared to the same effort and time in previous farming? was she playing someone like wormwood that could get it all up like 10x faster? what crop combos was she doing? You can get tomas + potatos up and running by like day 3 or 4 by my count

    14 minutes ago, gaymime said:

    for sure though by year two after you do establish your farm and have all the seeds you need to get consistent large crops then the new system does pull ahead 

    I'm...not completely sure I agree on the idea of needing to get large crops in order to pull ahead of the OG farming system, since basically no matter what you'll get the seed back and as such you get infinitely more returns than you would with the previous farming system...I'd like to see more numbers before I say that the testing you did with your friend is something I can really take to heart...

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  4. 9 minutes ago, gaymime said:

    then time isnt a factor? noone is disagreeing with your feelings on fun so if that is all you care about then you have no argument and repeating it isnt fun doesn't further anything.

    time is a factor when you consider that i could be like, foraging for berries or doing something...actually fun or at the very least interactive in the game? my argument is based on fun but i feel like thats something thats definitely worth considering in a video game context specifically. I find it so strange that your goto argument for me saying that this or that prevented me from having much fun from the pre RWYS system is to just say that nobody is saying it IS fun, rather than pointing out something that you think is fun in the system or equivalent counterpoint, in the video game where generally speaking the idea is to have fun..

    9 minutes ago, gaymime said:

    you don't even know if there was respect since you didnt read.

    generally speaking, its hard for people to continue reading and acting as if you have any respect for them if you start off the sentiment calling their arguments such things as you did...I don't think beefalo is in the wrong for taking issue with you not really giving them the time of day in the first moment

  5. I have heard many complaints about the rocket interiors surfing the forums, stuff about how it was annoying to manage whether or not there is enough resources on board and how small it is, and I wanted to say two things one them, as someone who enjoys them greatly. 

    1. The fastest and easiest solution to the main gripes that people have with rocket interiors could be fixed with a few conduit ports leading into it, and maybe out of it. 

    I imagine that managing rocket interiors would be infinitely easier to work with if you didn't have to rely on unstable duplicant labor to make absolutely sure that X or Y resource is not lacking inside, at the moment it is just barely possible to automate a rocket not launching if the given resources on board are not enough, but this takes up an entire large interior's worht of space and is subsequently very unviable. However, there is yet still a way in the current game to automate rockets, as elaborated on below.

    2. For all automated applications in the game, you don't need to care about rocket interiors anyway.

    Especially with missions between the first 3 planets, an atmo suit can completely take care of any duplicant needs without having to put a single building inside the rocket interior. I can make an automated delivery rocket relying entirely on cargo modules and external signals and never have to touch the rocket interior, as depicted in one of my previous posts. Rocket interiors are only absolutely mandatory to think about when you are either colonizing other planets, or using the telescope to uncover them, which are both very manual activities anyway.

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  6. you are trying to play dont starve like oxygen not included...the actual things that matter id say in terms of making something "obsolete" is helms can be acquired infinitely easier and in more mass if you use something like the moonstone method to farm pigskin in mass... that sentence does orders of magnitude more to me in the way of making me think that the thulecite crown is obsolete compared to throwing numbers of hp blocked per green gems...

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  7. In my most recent playthrough, I decided to completely forgo mealwood and head straight for dusk caps. It turned out the start! Purely because of a combination of me not setting it up quickly and how long it can take for the dusk caps to grow. But once the meals started flowing, it was great, much better than mealwood in both space, time, and meal quality! 

    This leads me to wonder, what do y'all do for starting food?  Do you just do mealwood, or do you head for ranching, or what? 

  8. 27 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

    I kinda just want Wurt to be able to get Royal Merm armor and weapons from possibly trading with her own Merm King for them, that she can equip regular old naturally spawning Merms with- I get that this kinda defeats the purpose of crafting her Merm Guard tower thing (whatever it’s called) BUT what it would do is allow me to suit them up in head gear, body armor and maybe a tentacle spike or royal spear? Making naturally spawning Merm shacks even more useful to her then they already are.

    i like this idea, in the sense of allowing the merm king to give wurt X or Y swampy item...I think the strange tentacle sash that guard merms wear and good ol' tentacle spikes would be nice..

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