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  1. i cannot not associate creepy forest with really old trailers for don't starve, and would thus really hate it if it appeared in normal gameplay, it's fine how it is in the hermit's house since you'd have to get real close to hear it anyway so its very ignorable
  2. i did this and the bristle berries still required watering inside the flower pot. Did i do something wrong?
  3. i'll scream if i'm forced to use chests outside of shipwrecked how can you possibly overlook the massive majority of players in dst that play on servers that arent theres and therefore cant control whether or not something is on or off
  4. Ghost catchin!!!!!!
  5. i want to draw luigi again.....but i must resist................
  6. luigi knows how 2 handle hammer
  7. when you tallbird egg but cant crack open
  8. wont BERNIE! teleport to you after you go through the wormhole like any other follower?
  9. an unfinished picture of wendy moping within da moonlight. I struggled with the skirt a lot but i think its alright now
  10. walogna i also drew a medusa picture but its not appropiate for this platofmr im so sorry please forgive me here have this instead custom gomba sprite for a paper mario 64 mod i'm slowly working on
  11. i said but this idea that it's a hint makes enough sense to me i suppose. it's kind of disappointing, but oh well.
  12. The one and only function of the moon pedestal in terms of staffs is to just turn the star caller's staff into the moon caller's staff. But you can put fire staffs and ice staffs in there too, it just doesn't do anything? Why is this a thing that you can do if nothing happens?
  13. 1. before this change, wendy wasn't a super hard character to begin with dude, she was just At Her Best when she was lower hp, you would do pretty decent abby damage just at half and you could have a football helmet on from there. the different in this change isn't from hard to easy, it's from interesting to Veritably less interesting and lower of a skill ceiling, since now theres no point in getting low health. 2. her character select screen says that because she gets less sanity penalty from night/dusk, it's not referencing hugging abigail to get through the night :I
  14. hmmm yes today i will lower the skill ceiling for a character purely because i want to play this character specifically and no other one that may be easier for me
  15. so now instead of risking death you just spend materials :')
  16. really really dissappointing to hear that the reason they took out a more interesting mechanic that could be worked with using strategy like Kiting to make the most out of with something that is much more rigid