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  1. they made it so the beefalo runs towards the bell it is bonded is really not as unpredictable/annoying as y'all make it out to be, the solution to this dillemma is just practicing instantly giving snacks to beefalo/mounting again after dismounting to work with how fast the beefalo runs, not removing behavior that is otherwise convenient...
  2. i think thats what the "sap tree" thing is supposed to be.
  3. can't give me gassy moos and then say that they still don't have any reproduction, you can't play with my emotions like this!! please fix this!!!
  4. I feel like you're under the impression that before the beefalo bell, it was impossible to ride beefalo without having them fully tamed, which is entirely untrue and would make the rider beefalo impossible. Before reap what you sow, the typical way you tamed beefalo was by feeding them enough stick/grass to raise their obedience to above 50%[preferably 100%], saddle them and then just ride them constantly. Riding them raises domestication both before and now, so you would just keep riding them and feeding sticks every day to raise the obedience. The beefalo bell while also fitting in perfectly fine in that strategy, also helps the player tame a beefalo by feeding it for its hunger, as it makes the beefalo follow the player much faster, which means the player could just farm a bunch with reap what you sow and feed the companion beefalo as they go along.
  5. I say this as someone who had already grown pretty familiar with the previous taming system, I really really enjoy the act of taming beefalo much more now with the addition of the beefalo bell and the added actions that the player can do while riding a beefalo. I worry deeply that specifically the Beefalo Bell will be removed when we come out of YOTB. This would be catastrophic, as the beefalo bell is the item that allows someone like me to tame beefalo in a server that I don't own, without having to worry about the process being interrupted in real life, or saying goodbye to the beefalo as I go to sleep irl, as the beefalo will inevitably have been killed or untamed while I could not maintain it. From me to the developers I strongly ask that the beefalo bell be simply moved to the tools tab and made more expensive or something when YOTB ends, as it is basically the only thing that allows me to enjoy beefalo taming in servers where I cannot constantly be there to maintain it.
  6. I don't find any problems with rain while I use it, but even so one of the developers of the mod is still very active in the community so fixing issues with it once asked isn't out of the question i imagine
  7. after a few of them you don't get any until a few days later
  8. in the mod folder, there should be a file called "mod_info". in this, contains a buncha stuff but in this specific instance there is only one thing you need to care about. there should be a bunch of "X_compatible = true/false" statements early on in the file. make dst_compatible = true. Also, when you're ready to upload your mod, you can find don't starve mod tools in your steam library, and from there I believe it'll be obvious what must happen for you to upload your mod.
  9. never in my life did i think i would see the day when people were complaining about beefalo taming being too easy
  10. These two are intertwined I cannot state enough how the Beefalo bell (being able to go into caves and Disconnect with beefalo) and being able to do regular tasks on beefalo, help with the taming process
  11. From the perspective of someome who was pretty involved with beefalo before, yotb is the devs throwing us a huge bone in terms of how beefalo work what with both the beefalo bell and being able to do more stuff while on top of one. I understand how one who doesnt rlly care about beefalo taming wouldnt feel the same but you have to acknowledge how this event brings large gameplay improvements especially compared to how most others : p
  12. FTR beefalo always seemed to do this when i was taming them, they just typically walked away from you instead, so it was less noticeable
  13. The fact that the conduit rocket fittings only function correctly when there is a corresponding cargo bay, severrely limits their usability. I would prefer if you would be able to ship elements directly into the spacefarer, as compared to having to rely on using up module space to use them.
  14. i h ope those world settings imply what i think they imply
  15. no, i've seen awful people describe such things as that or worse and legitimately mean it and have ill will towards such things, you need to be much more specific, and i strongly doubt that you were just being facetious when you just responded "No." earlier as well. You can say that you were just being sarcastic and that might be true, but it sure didn't seem like it.
  16. this is you asking someone why they shockingly don't support being intentionally un-inclusive in your language, do you not see the problem with that? You know exactly why there is an issue and this reply comes off as a dumb "gotcha!" moment when in reality its just wasting everyones time and makes you look really bad since you're putting up this much of a fuss as a result of someone just asking you to use the appropriate pronouns for the situation
  17. use ice staff to interrupt, i think? crab king is an infuriating boss, expect to take multiple tries before coming even close to beating him.