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  1. I really really wanna see what klei will do with webber. My own personal wishlist is just giving webber the ability to pounce like a spider warrior someway somehow, and for spiders to be much better minions than now. But aside from that, i think a lot can be done with webber to make him more interesting than now and im excited for whats in store for him.

  2. 10 hours ago, Yunru said:

    Well I just spent over two hours verifying it works so either:

    A) No, you did not, in fact, build it exactly as in the OP,


    B) You used tame hatches and forgot to feed them.

    i did use tamed hatches and i did feed them, but was that actually said to be a requirement to begin with anyway? I was just doing it because I also wanted the coal output. i feel like that would've been important to mention. 

    Also, I fundamentally cannot prove that I built it exactly as you designed because you didn't actually put the entire build in the screenshot (I.E. whereever the heck your conveyor rails go)  but I went through like 4 or 5 different failed attempts trying to build it exactly as you demonstrated, so if nothing else, I'm pretty sure your device has the smallest room for error i've ever seen short of desperately trying to starvation ranch voles without any grooming.

  3. 8 hours ago, -Variant said:

    Also to note even with a rework Quacken doesn't fit DST's ocean or boat mechanics at all. What makes Quacken bearable in SW is speed, and tiny boats. Having clumped up tentacles with this huge chunky wooden cookie is gonna be annoying. Plus I want a new ocean threat! 

    what if (under the idea that quacken's tentacles are much more spread apart ) you had get super close to the quacken's face and once you were sufficiently close you would grapple the quacken's beak and pull on it and then launch it back at the quacken  to do damage and you had to do this about 3 times to defeat her

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  4. not dst, but to me as my main, Wilba, one of the most attractive basing spots is a tallbird-populated area, whether it be a fort of just a few of them. Wilba of course has a monstrous appetite when she's werewilba, so whenever I find myself in the predicament where I've used up all of the food I gathered and don't have anything more to do with the transformation (which is a scenario i very often find myself in), I just head over to the tallbirds and without fail the many "packages" of 2 meat + 1 egg waiting for me are able to hold me over till I can get back to Wilba.


    Wilba mains Rise up.

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