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  1. I'm attempting to make a mod that adds more clothing to the game. I've thus far been able to make the clothing exist ingame and be equippable and manufacturable and all that. But the problem is I'm unable to make the clothing appear graphically.

    I think this is because the game doesn't know what anim to use for the clothes?

     I can't seem to find any point in the game's textures that has an all-inclusive anim.bytes for clothing. I was able to get kparser to work and decompile/recompile by simply picking a random anim.bytes from the selection of seperate duplicant action anims in my textassets. The game crashes if I do not include this anim.bytes in the same kanim folder as the spritesheet and build.bytes. Does anyone know or have any ideas as to how I can fix or work around this problem?

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  2. 13 minutes ago, Rosten said:

    Just want to chime in and say that every boss in DST is a co-op boss. It's one of the major reasons why "play dst alone" is not a very good solution for people who want to play solo with DST additions. 

    Also "has twice as much health" is not "a bit of a health adjustment"

    it's not like the specifically co-op bosses in dst (beequeen, toadstool, dfly to a lesser extent) are impossible to do without multiple people anyway, In fact i'd say that having to face these bosses with only yourself leads to a lot more ingenuity and creative ideas compared to simply giving everyone a hambat and a piece of head armor. My first thought is that one speedrun of beequeen that i believe joeshmo did in which to beat beequeen alone where he set up a huge array of fences to manipulate bee pathing to his advantage, so he could wail on beequeen. compare that to simply giving  3 others a beekeeper hat + hambat and holdin' f.

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  3. Just now, Mike23Ua said:

    Mobile phones have advanced so much now that it’s actually quite possible- Ark Survival Evolved, PUBG, Fortnite, Minecraft & Coming Soon Apex Legends... are all on Mobile, So DST suddenly doesn’t seem too far off that list.

    dont those games chug on the phone, besides minecraft? Ive a hard time believing that dst can be made to run on phones without a pretty good chunk of stuff being cut out or modified