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  1. One time, years and years ago, i was playing a world with one other of the mods that were enabled somehow made it so all of my speech into the regular chat would turn into a garbled mess of slashes and numbers....eventually, we found eachother and we figured out that i could write on signs perfectly fine, so that was my main method of communication for the rest of the game



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  2. 9 minutes ago, babba said:

    It took my 50 hours to build a second rocket platform in this fresh save and I was about to launch my first DLC rocket to start mini-mass-transporting cargo from Tele2 to Tele1 !


    for specifically the two asteroids with teleporters, there are also these which can transport mass between the two asteroids without rockets 

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  3. OxygenNotIncluded_IhlRX32bFL.thumb.png.a3d0a7aee9596bd15897113ee029934a.png

    Radiation Crew's living quarters...pretty snazzy if you ask them.


    Nikola, just having finished the interstellar research for basic shipping & durable life support...I feel so silly for not having used algae terrariums in spacefarer modules until now...doesnt overpressure and gets rid of co2...such an obvious choice. Other than that, it seems like what i'll be doing from here on out is knocking out the interstellar research all in one go for multiple research subjects so i don't have to worry about them later...pretty neat compared to previous interstellar research system..

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  4. 3 hours ago, Scrimbles said:

    while saying that Wurt has horns because shes a warrior Merm, without explaining why Warrior Merms have horns.

    Consider this explanation: perhaps some goats upon being...merm-ified, kept their horns into being merms, and then went on to replicate, creating offshoots of merms known today as Merm Guards, and in that, creating wurt, who has lived her entire life as a merm. Is that satisfactory...?

    A Bit Facetiously: can't believe people still deny that wilson was a monkey at some point, but then go on to never explain why he has thumbs.

    Either way i think its a bit silly to say that skins - especially of the DLC characters, are canon...I mean, look at any of wormwoods...


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