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  1. My own take on displaying how conveyor rail sensors differ to gas/liquid pipe sensors. The gif may not function properly until it loads

    The same properties apply whether your conveyor rail goes up, down, left, or right. 

    My own uninformed explanation for this property is that the actual debris that gets read by the rail sensor and the packet or "container" for it are unsynced, and the debris lags behind the container. So if you were to put a rail sensor Right next to a shutoff/chute, the container would have already passed the chute by the time the debris is read by the element sensor.

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  2. 4 hours ago, SpoonyBardIV said:

    But it never used to do 200. That's more than the Ancient Guardian does.

    i'd imagine being hit by a hunk of metal running towards me would do slightly more damage than being hit by a hunk of meat

  3. i know the steps are easy enough to replicate simply from your base description, but perhaps you should included some instructions on where to find bats easily? like, perhaps, maybe included doing c_gonext("vampirebatcave") to find the bat'ses dens, or maybe skipping a number of days so a bat wave can begin?