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  1. this is already something the speed balloon does, but only for 30 seconds or so.
  2. One time, years and years ago, i was playing a world with one other of the mods that were enabled somehow made it so all of my speech into the regular chat would turn into a garbled mess of slashes and numbers....eventually, we found eachother and we figured out that i could write on signs perfectly fine, so that was my main method of communication for the rest of the game
  3. awesome !!!!! g.....gassy moos.............
  4. is this in the regular game??
  5. for specifically the two asteroids with teleporters, there are also these which can transport mass between the two asteroids without rockets
  6. could this mean....gassy moo stuff incoming? ? ? ????
  7. for your efforts, a 19.99 fortnite card!
  8. god i would love this, RoT boats in a shipwrecked-y environment is one of the few reasons i play tropical experience every now and then.
  9. haha, i wish I could eat next to the rocket launchpads! gassy moo reproduction....
  10. sounds like you just like the gameplay of ONI more than DST....which is fair...but not the fault of DST...
  11. are you on console...? There have been posts about this made, fixes are supposedly on the way ASAP...
  12. Radiation Crew's living quarters...pretty snazzy if you ask them. Nikola, just having finished the interstellar research for basic shipping & durable life support...I feel so silly for not having used algae terrariums in spacefarer modules until now...doesnt overpressure and gets rid of co2...such an obvious choice. Other than that, it seems like what i'll be doing from here on out is knocking out the interstellar research all in one go for multiple research subjects so i don't have to worry about them later...pretty neat compared to previous interstellar research system..
  13. Consider this explanation: perhaps some goats upon being...merm-ified, kept their horns into being merms, and then went on to replicate, creating offshoots of merms known today as Merm Guards, and in that, creating wurt, who has lived her entire life as a merm. Is that satisfactory...? A Bit Facetiously: can't believe people still deny that wilson was a monkey at some point, but then go on to never explain why he has thumbs. Either way i think its a bit silly to say that skins - especially of the DLC characters, are canon...I mean, look at any of wormwoods...
  14. I have recently been playing the Adventure Mode mod a lot, and I think y'all should too! Now pardon me while i ramble on about it and how much I enjoy it. adventure mode as a whole scratches the DST itch so well for me because it is essentially just surviving 5 times in a row with a specific goal in mind each time, and then you get a funny little cutscene that doesn't actually make any sense. New features in an old environment Almost every time I play adventure mode nowadays, I tame a beefalo along the way, since the Beefalo Bell allows for the player to take their cow throughout worlds now. Of course the beefalo is useful in the conventional way of simply allowing you to explore the map incredibly fast, proving useful in adventure mode. But there are also strange little interactions that I find in the way of interaction with Bishops. Ridden Beefalo, at basic saddle speed, are capable of kiting bishops with a 2-3 hit pattern, which is something that otherwise would be impossible to do! I just find that very neat, since it's almost like it's encouraging me to tame beefalo as a singleplayer option to what would otherwise be an incredibly multiplayer centric task. Virtually unheard of in vanilla DST, frankly! Me and Marmle V, after a day of playing! Charlies pretty fun. A feature specific to the Adventure mode Mod, is that of the about-to-exit chests that spawn once you construct the teleportato completely. These almost always come with a few extra enemies to face, gotta stay on your toes! I think this + the default setting of keeping your entire inventory each worldhop makes for much more fun gameplay than the original. In my singleplayer gameplay, it comes off as a last minute reward for working through the absolute pile of clockworks at the teleportato base, and in multiplayer comes off as a kind of 'balancing' act for players who have kind of been straggling for that chapter in terms of supplies. Another relatively new feature, Boats, are featured somewhat prominently in the Archipelago chapter. The fun-ness of this can vary wildly, but a lot of the time I really enjoy them. The previously mentioned about-to-exit chests and such make for pretty good ways to allow players to skip the majority of the grind for boat materials that one would typically find in regular DST gameplay. Also, the islands typically form in a specific way that I can't really describe, which once you've done adventure mode at least once, you'll recognize and have a way easier time navigating the ocean with. In my experience, if you get it as anything but the first chapter, it can serve as a pretty neat respite/relaxing gameplay compared to how wild and dangerous the rest of the chapters can get. Just plain old features Small shoutout to how the divining rod actually makes different noise depending on how close you are to the subject. Even if you aren't actually going from "blue beep" to "orange beep" to "red beep", the rod still makes different pitches of noise, which makes locating way easier if you know what you're doing. In default settings the amount of defense around all of the pieces is ramped up a fair bit since it's multiplayer, but even in default settings at least the teleportato base is rather well guarded. I like this a lot since it can make the player think for a bit about how to approach each piece. If you have a beefalo, you can use it's beefiness and speed to navigate your way through a lot of the warfare, sometimes even without fighting. If you're willow, wurt, or webber, you can end up using your given minions to your advantage, if you're woodie you can moose out which is pretty dang fun, the list goes on. I just really like it!! conclusion god i love adventure mode mod
  15. Previous to the Year of the Beefalo update, they never did this. This is incredibly inconvenient and should be fixed as soon as possible.