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  1. ah, but to do that he needs to either build up his Smash meter or break open a Smash ball. He's pretty vulnerable before that.
  2. The Chesterfield and Danglefish families have been at odds ever since the Incident. Chester and Hutch have finally decided to decide once and for all who's family reigns supreme. Vote now!
  3. wiki stuff.... love makin stuff like these......just puttin photos together and makin em look good................
  4. first, wurt isnt from the gorge, she's just a merm. Unless theres some farout merm lore about how they actually first came from the gorge, then it's fair i guess even though by the time we see them in the constant i'm pretty sure they're far and away from knowing anything about their past. second, i feel like it's painfully hard to not see how wurt benefits from like, even a single farm plot? even growing food that isn't normally super good like eggplants or watermelons is still a pretty nice bit of food for wurt. How do you simplify her that hard and not see that? third, merms do more than punch things in comparison to other minions, they can mine and chop trees too. Granted, the animation is punching, but regardless they are thereby pretty useful for things that isnt just straight combat, and the fact that they take offerings as small as butterfly wings for loyalty makes it pretty handy to even have just one on hand. also wurt goat skin would be cool but i'd rather have a skin that doesnt completely transform her and instead just changes her look like how the skins for human characters do, I like to play as default wurt skin over the other three, as i like the look.
  5. then dont say that all trinkets magically dont exist anymore because event stopped happening, even if you are playing the xbox version of the game, you are still playing the same game as us
  6. the trinkets you are referring to are special event trinkets. Real trinkets, stuff like the bent spork or melty marbles or frayed wires, you get from special places graves or hammering clockwork rubble piles.
  7. I love the new character added in this "Intestinable Obstruction" mod!
  8. This is Ellie. She was printed at cycle 524, due to a need for more cooks. She has never known a single bit of stress or any real kind of strife, and on her first day of existence she chowed down on some mushroom wrap and got to even drink a smoothie. She hasn't ever walked more than a couple tiles out of the heart of the colony. She is amazing.
  9. as skye said, the crab king is one of the few bosses here that specifically shows how damaged it is as time progresses. As for dfly, I strongly suggest that you simply build a wall with an impassable opening [IE a sign in the middle build in such a way that mobs can't actually squeeze through] so that lavae do not get through, and just kite dfly. She's tough, but not impossible to simply face off by yourself this way. I find that minions get in the way and drag her attention too much to be useful. Go in, hit her 5 (or was it 6?) times, and then move out for her to swing, and repeat. Use an ice staff or pan flute to calm her down if she ever enrages.
  10. the way you can tell it's cancelling the healling is if the rocks are breaking, but it's still really hard to keep up
  11. oh, i didn't know attacking him interrupts that! thank you for telling me, the crab king isn't so bad then.
  12. how do you deal with the million, life destroying holes in the boat that spawns from socketing purple gems?
  13. In the current state that crab king is in, I frickin hate him. I think most of this hate stems from the fact that most of his attacks as I played with him (the claws crunching the boat, the copious amounts of holes poked in the boat) were instances in which you couldn't really stop him from doing a pretty big amount of damage to you. And to go along with that, he regenerates his HP super rapidly, so if you're playing alone, you can't really stop him from just completely resetting All the progress that you've made thus far as you attempt to fend off X or Y attack that he sends to damage your boat. To beat crab king, you'll likely have to bring a couple stacks of boat patches and a crudload of twigs to keep your boat shipshape, and someone else to stop him from healing as you constantly burn through this supply. I feel like I can live with the fact that you're simply going to have to drain that many resources to beat him, but It's really hard not to hate the fact that theres extremely little you can really do to stop him from healing without someone there with you. Kind of feels like it's harder than Fuelweaver at this point. Not super sure what you could do to make this fight better, but one thing off the top of my head would be to make it so he only heals 1 or 2 rocks at a time instead of like, 10, so he doesn't regenerate All of his hp, should you miss a point to stop him. But again that's just off the top of my head and a more thought through solution would likely work better.
  14. parappa the rapper with epic restrictive pallete.............
  15. fishing rod is 2 silk and 1 or 2 twigs for 9 fish, while the ocean fishing rod is 6 silk and a board for fish if you bait your rod and go find them out in the ocean. I feel like they serve different enough purposes to coexist, though i wouldn't mind the idea of the ocean fishing rod working on ponds if you bait your rod
  16. awfully neat to scroll through the whole thing see how one's art improves and evolves over a long string of posts
  17. ada phone call................