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  1. The height of space biomes on other asteroids is incredibly restrictive with large engine rockets, in such a way that is nearly impossible to circumvent at times. this can be fixed by just increasing the size of the space biome at the top of asteroids, for more breathing room for larger rockets to land.
  2. as you feed it food [as in, anything that has a kcal value], resin builds up inside it. Once you feed it enough, it oozes out that resin so duplicants can collect it. It eats a lot, so setting up operations on it's home asteroid and forming a large food production scheme is recommended.
  3. aren't there a few already? Just in much smaller number since theres less space for them to be spread out in. I recall a pwater geyser on my radiation asteroid when there hadn't been one last run. Also - please....gassy moo reproduction in some way, i'm crossing my fingers!
  4. I never said this was super enticing gameplay or how it has to be, i already stated that i am very open to things changing...i literally just wanted to clarify that things all over the world don't burn if you're near them...they only burn if they're loaded, which is about a screen + a bit more you can technically just flingo what is important and then stay away from everything else to protect what you can see... I have many times, both by just joining pubs that had already gotten to summer or just making a new world by's really not as weighted in winters favor as you think, especially just starting out and considering caves...
  5. i'm not against changing random fires, outside of a short term server (~1 year of gameplay) its really annoying and hardly a challenge, thats why I would like it to be removed, not because it doesn't happen in real life. I literally just wanted to point out the way that smoldering works ingame as i thought that the OP thought it worked in a way that it doesn't really.
  6. nice update, but p...please...gassy moo dying...
  7. a flingomatic on your base and stay away from things that arent flingomatic'd...are we really gonna extend this thread for 5 pages because you guys don't understand that staying away from things that you don't want to smolder is something that you can and should do? jeez... also, summer lasts 15 days normally...
  8. the point still stands that if you just keep your distance from things then they won't burn
  9. things can only smolder if they're loaded, if you stay away from a place then it wont burn
  10. yea...? bugs like that can happen and just go unfixed for years as shown previously, if X thing was a bug then unfortunately the best action would just be to try to work with it or avoid causing it somehow
  11. i hope to all that is above me that it isnt, mike you are severrely taking for granted how amazing it is to be able to disconnect from a server with your beefalo
  12. refuse to work with new mechanic and simply ask for developer to restore things back to way it was literally exactly what im talking about
  13. no, but you learned not to put your hand in the fire??? I don't understand how you could use such an analogy and not expect such an obvious retort. If you put your hand in the fire then you learn that the fire hurts and perhaps could use it for things other than hurting yourself. Beefalo bells, or rather new mechanics tend to act in much of the same way in a game like this one, where one kind of have to experiment with things even if they can prove dangerous to find out the best way to work with them.. In much of the same way that one just learns about new mechanics, I would be willing to say that one can also learn to avoid bugs with such mechanics, until they are addressed, if they ever are. I think something like "sliding with the beefalo unable to do anything until it decides to stop" is something that probably has some kind of thing that triggers it, one could probably avoid that. then shoo it away somehow with the running behavior of the beefalo bell, I recall beefalo at times running away when i give them food (kind of funny giving them a bunch of stuff before they can fully run away)
  14. an interesting behavior of the beefalo bell is that if you run away from the beefalo, enough for it to teleport to you, while it is attacking something, it will lose interest in whatever it is attacking and you can mount it again.
  15. At the cost of maybe sounding a bit insensitive here, i would be willing to wager that the vast vast majority of behaviors displayed as bugs or frustrations can be explained and understood if given some testing. This is entirely up to the player and i found immense use in this behavior just as a convenience thing since it meant i didnt necessarily have to ride the beefalo while taming to have it constantly in my eyesight.
  16. Its again the same mindset that absolutely refuses to find ways to work with new mechanics and simply gets frustrated when things dont work how they used to before. Why would i park it further away from crock pot or the other 99 things that you cant quite interact with on beefalo when i could just the mechanics presented to me to make lifeva tiny bit easier?
  17. Saying what ohan said there is on the same level as "you shouldve just brought armor" or equivalent phrase. I give you a very easy to understand hypothetical in which the running away behavior can prove useful or at least convenient and you respond "well you could have just done this in a less convenient manner that doesn't work with or put to use the mechanics presented, so actually the mechanic is useless and a nuisance." Unfortunately it fits right in line with some of the people in this thread's mindset of absolutely refusing to understand or at least work with new/tweaked mechanics and simply get frustrated when different behavior occurs that needs to be adjusted to.
  18. dismounting and then placing something down or generally just trying to interact with the things around you. beefalo are pretty large animals so it can help for them to walk a few centimeters away so you can click on things like crock pots or chests.