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  1. just drop a lightbulb on your feet like a normal person
  2. I didnt mean garden warfare i meant plants vs. Zombies 2 the mobile game released in 2013, but besides that i feel you should be able to understand what im getting at based on footage of any of those games
  3. Every single character works on the same set of animations and just has different textures, similar to how a koalephant and beefalo are working on the same animations for the most part. i can think of many other games that do this same thing (brawhalla, oni, binding of isaac, plants vs zombies 2, castle crashers) basically any game that animates in a way that involves multiple seperate pictures stringed next to eachother in a way to make it look like they are 1 object.
  4. is dst dead like tf2

    scringus bingus
  5. how do you feel about what i said before
  6. you have no idea how happy this collection of images played in such a way to create the illusion of movement makes me
  7. i mean i guess the change wouldn't add any mobs or weapons but like i think the change would be significant in how the player traverses the world (think the changes in how the player would have to go about mapping the world, instead of just circling the entire world you'd have to take into account the hills and stuff, assuming the change is thought through there would be neat set pieces that involve hills that would be cool to look out for) and how the player interacts with it (think the way you'd base and the different mob interactions you'd have to think about) long story short it'd just make the world a lot more interesting both to look at and to work with compared to a flat plain and im unsure why you've shown so much resistance to the idea as if it'd make the game twenty times worse
  8. nobody: absolutely noone: player when they win a rat race:
  9. how would you feel if you were racing carrats (alone because it's a singleplayer server of course) and just as you were about to win a race between your carrat and 3 other shadow ones, your carrat jumped with an animation you had never seen before and just rose and rose and never stopped rising and you could tell it was still in the same X and Z position because you could lock onto it. What would you do ? would you SCREAM?!!????
  10. nobody (cept for variant) will see it, plus making a status update doesn't push down the stupid X gender posts she wouldn't be as cool as woodlegs in dst dont @ me
  11. i have thoughts like this all the time-- what if you were riding a beefalo and then suddenly it just started digging into the ground? (it learned from a minecraft letsplay not to do that but it does what it wants) what if you tried to play walani [cheesenuggets] and just that one singular time, there was an actual option to equip head skins for her and you only had one unlocked? what if terraria and dont starve switched places?
  12. pretty tame reaction to something that wasnt ever mentioned in any patch notes and you never saw in any game resource or anything, i would be going crazy if i saw it happen
  13. i did literally nothing wrong please stop trying to get my in trouble for NO REASON
  14. im NOT CRUD postinng its a legitimate QUESTION
  15. what if webber kne wabout mario so he was like "WAHOO!!!!!!" (and put on a cap that has a M on it because it says for mspider) HOO HOO
  16. which character would he play?!!?!?