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  1. i would vastly prefer if more planets were only accessible with rockets....teleporters are a very boring way of dealing with space travel
  2. The scout module and trailblazer module both require a duplicant to actually build the thing they house, else you will simply be incapable of deploying it when the time comes. Nearly every player i have seen use the building has launched the rocket and then became confused when they couldnt deploy either one to the planetoids surface, having to load back a save or something in order to go back and try again. I think this could be made clearer with some kind of notification signifying that either module doesnt actually come with their thing prebuilt so players dont struggle as much right before landing on another planet.
  3. I put nothing in the bundle wrap. Even when i get my hands on a blueprint of it, i am already in the swing of getting constant food from x or y place, so i have no reason for it. I have no idea how people can use that thing as like, not warly
  4. Its not abuse of mechanics in the slightest and it was featured in the launch trailer for the game so i'd say its very much intended and encouraged by devs. There are also other ways to perform airlocks that involve gas pumps and many doors. The change that i would sooner request is for duplicants to not make any changes to their plans of action while waiting at a duplicant checkpoint, so you can use them to make dupes for example wait for an airlock to finish vacuuming all gases out of itself, as presently duplicants will abandon chores during that time due to the closed doors.
  5. lumber has its place in the game as a specialty material that as such only allows building of certain luxuries on certain asteroids or way later in the game if you can print an acorn. I dont rlly see the point of nullifying this for the sake of slightly more realism
  6. I keep accidentally setting something to be built out of a material that isn't actually on the asteroid...maybe there would be benefit from making it so each selected/default material is different per asteroid?
  7. so cute! if you put a nosecone on it it looks like a futuristic house for the dupes! i'm pretty sure you cant pipe stuff in or out of it, though, so it might be inconvenient for anything that requires something that isnt just straightup dupe delivery
  8. It bugs me a little since this discourages one of the way i normally use powered fridges, but i suppose it wont matter at the later stages when i have the power
  9. verify that it was indeed the first 600?? I and many others had signed up long before there were even any replies to the announcement....meaning that hundreds of people had signed up before there were any replies??!! it's possible but it baffles me
  10. I remember reading that they're gonna distribute geysers to different asteroids later on, do you think that they'll remove certain geysers from the starter asteroid or heck even just not have certain geysers on the starter asteroid at all? I think either could possibly happen
  11. I kind of hate all kinds of bosses when playing singleplayer. they take unbearably long and the only thing i feel good about by the end of the loot i got from it. However, this changes whenever i have a couple of friends with me. It turns an annoying grindfest into something akin to pikmin! It's so much fun to get a crowd with you and then yell "Chaaaarge!" as you run towards dragonfly. truly, a rush! It's a wonder how much more fun the multiplayer video game is when you play it in mutliplayer
  12. for the love of god just release the oni dlc already :'(
  13. all they'd have to do is make them not be made out of neutronium too