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  1. you really should stop annoying everyone with your beefalo spam

    1. Lbphero
    2. Lbphero


      continuously thinking about this. Why are you against me mentioning beefalo spelunking? I am doing this so we can get attention for the mechanic that so desperately needs it. I'm not gonna stop talking about this until we get acknowledged for it. I'm not gonna stop until the klei people arrive at my house and tell me that beefalo aren't allowed in caves. 

      For so unbearably long mechanics like beefalo taming go entirely untouched because people just don't talk about it or acknowledge it, let alone discover how they work and actually use them in gameplay, in so many game communities. You should join me in mentioning beefalo taming and subsequently them being able to go into caves. 

      The only thing I or you or anyone else who gives a rats arse about beefalo taming and how it can be improved, can do, is campaign about it and beg and plead for them to do something about it. And I'm gonna keep doing that until the day my mouth gets duct tape over it. And I'm not going to let you stop me, rather I want you to help me in continuing to support the cause.