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  1. i dislike playing wilson/wes above any other character because they just come off as boring to play as. as for personality i think i hate wortox the most out of all of them. I know that its his shtick, but i can't stand how little he takes basically anything, seriously. It's just so annoying, and to top it all off the voice he has is (no disrespect to klei) legitimately the most annoying thing in the entire game

  2. 1 hour ago, inferjus4 said:

    And that makes the presenf for owning DLC much less unique. Before we got items not obtainable by any other means than owning DLC, now you just get content that everyone can have. I would prefer some skin for pig house or other structure than character that everyone can get.


    so you're dissappointed about getting wormwood rather than a dinky pighouse skin because other people can get it without having to buy hamlet? thats incredibly petty

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  3. one time i was hanging out in my small sea outpost (sea chiminea, a few boat chests, sea yard, and tar extractor) as a resting place so i could explore more of the world, and in the middle of the night a dog fish and the tigershark zoom past and tigershark in attempting to bite the dogfish bites my surfboard and i am immediately dead. 

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  4. 4 hours ago, inferjus4 said:

    No, you do not get it for free but for owning DLC, which I bought and I do not care if you got it for free, because it does not mean it is free.

    "you do not get it for free. but you do get it for free. but you do not get it for free." the only possible thing i can derive from this jumble of words is that you're mad that people who don't own hamlet can choose to buy wormwood on his own instead of having to buy don't starve and then hamlet just to get one character???? do you realize how ridiculous that sounds???????

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  5. On 5/25/2019 at 6:32 AM, YakumoYukari said:

    I think the easiest way is to change the appearance. 
    SetBuild() on the prefab will change how it looks. 

    AddPrefabPostInit("prefabname", function(inst)

    According to deciduoustrees.lua, there're 5 types of trees. "deciduoustree_normal", "deciduoustree_tall", "deciduoustree_short", "deciduoustree_burnt, "deciduoustree_stump". So each one you override the build will change their appearance.

    If changing their appearance is not what you want, you can do something like this.

    AddPrefabPostInit("prefabname", function(inst)
        if not GLOBAL.TheWorld.ismastersim then return end

    Spawn an alternative prefab and move to where the original prefab is and remove the original. 
    But if you do this in deciduoustrees, world's regrowth system will consider the original trees have been removed and should be planted.
    Which may cause the endless spawn of deciduoustrees. I'm not sure though. Maybe you need to tweak the world regrowth system as well in this case.

    Maybe better ways exist, so don't give up finding a better way.

    when i just did the second one in my modmain, this happened. no deciduous trees (the prefab i was replacing) spawned, nor did saptrees spawn. Am I missing something in the execution of the second on other than just  


    AddPrefabPostInit("deciduoustree", function(inst)
        if not GLOBAL.TheWorld.ismastersim then return end



  6. you say "positive sides of hamlet" as if hamlet is more bad than good and we have to look on the bright side for hamlet

    nearly all of hamlet fits a style of gameplay that goes somewhere along the lines of megabasing (seasonal things are ones that are easily avoidable or ignorable, theres no annoying seasonal bosses to screw with you, endgame items allow for lots of creative ideas for base design and more key to the city being the shining example, and technically hamlet brought in merged crafting which is absolutely huge) which is a huge plus for veterans of the game that truly explore the sandbox aspect of it. and even besides that playstyle hamlet brings a lot to the table for casual play in what i'd describe as a breath of fresh air compared to RoG/SW. instead of fighting for stuff  and generally living out in the woods with nothing but your metaphorical bare fists, you're in some weird civilized world where you actually have to buy your food instead of hunt it, and get a job as a janitor or gardener. along with that you can go explore ruins that have lots of mystery and just, general enjoyment to be found within.


    The idea that hamlet is disappointing especially compared to it's older brother shipwrecked is absolutely ludicrous in my perspective given what we've got and how good it all is.

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