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  1. 2 hours ago, broskeet said:

    Epic gamers, I have a theory that may or may not loosely connect the ONI and DST universes. I think we can assume that the ONI universe is just our universe at a later point in time (because I don't know much about ONI), and that time passes faster in the Constant, which I believe was confirmed in a live stream(???). In both the Constant and the ONI universe, we see what looks like a shattered moon (DST ROT cinematic) and a shattered earth (ONI forgot the names cinematic). So because of the different time speeds, these could have happened at the same time, and they were joined together because of s p o o k y s p a c e m a g i c or something. The nightmares might have something to do with it. Or the moon. Or something. 

    the point in which the gravitas facilities (oni's closest equivalent to ruins) were still active was in the 23rd (or was it 24th?) century. The actual game likely takes place a good few years afterwards. Wilson entering the constant takes place at 1921. 


    The constant's moon is entirely different to the shattered planet that we see in the ONI universe. The constant's moon is, while we have no confirmations of any sort, is likely falling apart due to things occuring _inside_ the constant and/or it's surrounding dimensions (forge, gorge). The ONI shattered planet is Earth after an apocalyptic event that occurred after a time travelling generator went haywire and exploded, sending crud-tons of debris every which way, inside one of these bits of debris being the printing pod.


    I'm all for connections to ONI and DS, but lets keep it scientific gosh darn it! Here's a resource of oni lore if you don't actually have the game/can't be bothered to farm lore bits.


  2. On 9/2/2019 at 4:51 PM, Auth said:

    Even with more improved textures, their square nature is incredibly jarring. They block a lot of view, they are incredibly claustrophobic especially on bridge areas, and they caused performance issues back when they originally existed, apparently. All in all, I don't think they're worth it. The caves being isolated plateaus with a deeper abyss beneath has a much spookier vibe anyway, and is able to make the whole thing place look darker by extension.

    Caves are supposed to be sorta claustrophobic, and i think them being flat isnt much a problem if the entire world is such as well. I think it would look fine, all i would want in terms of their shape is for their corners to be rounded out a little. 

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  3. Its sort of confusing to me that dupes just, can't swim at all, they fall right through the water (albeit at a slowed pace compared to gas) and they just walk when they reach the bottom. It makes sense to me that a dupe would be able to swim in water and other liquids with exceptions. 


    along with the addition of swimming it'd also be nice to have a negative trait that makes dupes fall through the water as they do now.

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  4. i dislike playing wilson/wes above any other character because they just come off as boring to play as. as for personality i think i hate wortox the most out of all of them. I know that its his shtick, but i can't stand how little he takes basically anything, seriously. It's just so annoying, and to top it all off the voice he has is (no disrespect to klei) legitimately the most annoying thing in the entire game