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  1. Sweepy is a cute little thing, but I feel he isn't really useful as of testing build AP-395444-D. 

    The use I can see in sweepy is it's namesake. What i've been trying to get it to be useful for is picking stuff up in an automated way. However the vast majority of applications I can think of for sweepy to do this in, an autosweeper can do better. 

    With the new update disallowing sweepy to be disconnected from his port, there is literally no way to have sweepy function in another room that isn't his home base. This limits sweepy's function even more, as theoretically you could've had him sweep up something like eggs (though sweepy cannot pick up them) and then be returned to home base, effectively allowing sweepy to clean up ranches without needing the mechatronics skill.

    Sweepy also cannot wash his hands, so any germs he gets will get on anything he touches.

    Sweepy cannot pick up food either, so he cannot be used in farms.

    Sweepy cannot be configured to only pick up certain things.

    I reiterate, Sweepy is cute, but he is not useful for basically any task that isn't literally just sweeping the floor, but a sweeper could do that better. The jobs that sweepy could have possibly done to help the player get to them quicker without mechatronics skill (sweeping eggs out of a room, sweeping food out of a farm) are things that sweepy is locked off from doing. I wholeheartedly suggest that sweepy get his capabilities increased, [able to pick up and store food and eggs], and that he gains weight so he can trigger pressure plates.


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  2. 1 hour ago, Mike23Ua said:

    The only one of those games that you just listed that I’ve actually played is Plants Vs Zombies 2 Garden Warfare.

    I didnt mean garden warfare i meant plants vs. Zombies 2 the mobile game released in 2013, but besides that i feel you should be able to understand what im getting at based on footage of any of those games

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  3. 8 hours ago, Mike23Ua said:

    All I can say to this is that obviously Don’t Starve does not function like any other console game I’ve ever played then.

    Because when asking Dev’s of other games about why we couldn’t have X item, That has always been their answer.

    To be more Specific When Asking NetherRealm Studios why they put a Justice League the Movie Aquaman Skin in Injustice 2 But left his head looking nothing at all like Jason Momoa THAT was the BS Excuse Everyone was given.

    So yeah- I cant speak for Mods, But I CAN speak for the game I paid for back when it released expecting Justice League skins to look like uhh well like Justice League Skins?

    Every single character works on the same set of animations and just has different textures, similar to how a koalephant and beefalo are working on the same animations for the most part. i can think of many other games that do this same thing (brawhalla, oni, binding of isaac, plants vs zombies 2, castle crashers) basically any game that animates in a way that involves multiple seperate pictures stringed next to eachother in a way to make it look like they are 1 object.

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  4. 2 hours ago, BreadScientist said:

    ye except all the things you listed there are actual content (some of which I don't think added much to the game) while changing how terrain functions at all is pointless and just makes traversing the world "1000000x more" so.... you. are. wrong. 

    i mean i guess the change wouldn't add any mobs or weapons but like i think the change would be significant in how the player traverses the world (think the changes in how the player would have to go about mapping the world, instead of just circling the entire world you'd have to take into account the hills and stuff, assuming the change is thought through there would be neat set pieces that involve hills that would be cool to look out for) and how the player interacts with it (think the way you'd base and the different mob interactions you'd have to think about) 

    long story short it'd just make the world a lot more interesting both to look at and to work with compared to a flat plain and im unsure why you've shown so much resistance to the idea as if it'd make the game twenty times worse

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  5. 10 minutes ago, watermelen671 said:

    Why not, just like...make this a status update? A lot less likely to get yeeted off the internet by Joe if you do it that way.

    nobody (cept for variant) will see it, plus making a status update doesn't push down the stupid X gender posts

    6 minutes ago, Mike23Ua said:

    but Do not speak of Walani Unless you are in agreement with Myself & canis That She should be in DST.

    she wouldn't be as cool as woodlegs in dst dont @ me

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  6. 30 minutes ago, CaptainChaotica said:

    Well, my first reaction to this was..."That's a really SPECIFIC and detailed 'what if'...are you actually saying this happened?"

    But no.  No.  You're just, I guess, again.  Have another legit actually-confused-instead-of-confused-as-downvote face, on me!


    i have thoughts like this all the time-- what if you were riding a beefalo and then suddenly it just started digging into the ground? (it learned from a minecraft letsplay not to do that but it does what it wants)

    what if you tried to play walani [cheesenuggets] and just that one singular time, there was an actual option to equip head skins for her and you only had one unlocked?

    what if terraria and dont starve switched places?