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  1. Fidoop, you had a wonderful mod idea a while back, "Unnatural Selection" of which there has been no news about for a long while now.  You seem to have come back to the game after a while, so if you don't mind me asking, what's the status on the mod, and do you think it will get done?  While I'm totally fine either way, but would just like to hear about it one way or another.

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    1. Lbphero


      i hate him i hate him so  much gget him out of my face

  3. Hi, you were asking about a land bridges problem. I'm not exactly sure what you mean. Can you give me a description of the problem?

    1. Lbphero


      hello, Jason. 

      if I said land bridges i've made a grave mistake in what i said, and what i meant to say was shallow water bridges.  What i mean by this is how the Return Of Them Ocean appears to generate 2 "bridges" of shallow water, free of any obstacles such as sea stacks between the Lunar Island and the Main "continent". I personally feel as if these should be removed because of how much they take away from the idea of exploring the ocean myself and finding other land.



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