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  1. i h ope those world settings imply what i think they imply
  2. It got fixed ages ago...maybe its just on the testing branch?
  3. you get pinged if you're looking at the thread and a new reply happens
  4. As in, didn't used to have them but now does like how we have roseate, or still just doesnt have GOH skins?? thats kinda sad if the 2nd one
  5. Could you elaborate on this? I looked up stuff about it and what I found was that there was incredibly thorough anti-cheat checks running through the epic games launcher, checking DLLs and certificates as well as data collection that...seems to be relevant to the game launcher?? If the privacy policy page on epic games isn't straightup lying (it might be but i dont think it is to be honest), the data that they collect are technical information about your computer, as in hardware specifications and software such as browsers, usage information about interaction with epic games such as visiting their websites and activity there, crash reports, and the location of your device derived from your ip address. and this, sssssseeeeeemmmsss innocent enough, especially since it appears as if epic games gives you the choice to opt out, similarly to how DST does? Is there something i'm missing here that you could shine light on...?
  6. are you...absolutely, completely, entirely sure that tencent will continue to allow you all creative control and proper time to do things, continuing on? A large concern i have heard and feel myself is that tencent will become more restricting as time goes on...
  7. i always hated the concept of just being allowed to negate all sorts of environmental flaws in your asteroid save for a tiny little bubble that your dupes sleep in. What this change does is add some small semblance of a downside to that concept, in the form of the requirement to constantly farm reed fiber when necessary in order to keep up with the material costs. Aside from that, I appreciate this change making the exosuit forge useful past the first creations of atmo suits.
  8. nope! When a dupe returns to a dock with a worn suit, it is automatically requested to put a new one in its place. So all you need to really do is keep an exosuit forge with a worn suit -> regular suit recipe and have sweepers deliver that to where it needs to be. I really love this idea, it nerfs atmo suits simply by requiring that you farm reed fiber constantly should you want to use them.
  9. wormwood skin that makes it so he needs a divergent to bloom instead of fertilizer...!
  10. first thought was wormwood from don't starve being mentioned like herobrine as a joke, or something.
  11. I love this update so much!! this nerf to suits was long overdue and i can finally use masks normally!
  12. just incase you did not see, I edited my original comment with a log of me crashing with my mod.
  13. kanim stuff still appears to be borked EDIT: i get lots of errors like this when loading mods that have anything to do with kanim files! [18:49:53.482] [1] [ERROR] KAnimBatchManager is not ready when loading anim:anim_starfield_bg KAnimBatchManager is not ready when loading anim:anim_starfield_bg my log for loading the mod "Fashionistic" is included: Player.log
  14. watered once...its not not touching it at all but its so minimum it might as well be... I....guess? Ive been able to get sufficient toma root and potato seeds so often that i get the feeling that they are common plants...
  15. does just having it grow in the right season count as bare minimum? if so its basically nothing what is "some"? was all of her harvests giant but then some failed? My typical autumn harvest consists of a million billion fully giant harvests of 4 potatos and 4 tomatos each "square"
  16. was she growing giant crops? how long was this actually ingame? what was her output, compared to the same effort and time in previous farming? was she playing someone like wormwood that could get it all up like 10x faster? what crop combos was she doing? You can get tomas + potatos up and running by like day 3 or 4 by my count I'm...not completely sure I agree on the idea of needing to get large crops in order to pull ahead of the OG farming system, since basically no matter what you'll get the seed back and as such you get infinitely more returns than you would with the previous farming system...I'd like to see more numbers before I say that the testing you did with your friend is something I can really take to heart...
  17. Have you actually compared this? I feel like i ended up with infinitely more food by the end of the year (especially factoring in wintertime) or even by the end of autumn in new farming than old
  18. Reap what you sow harvests! I am really having a lot of fun with this new farming system!